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Crane-Related Road Closure Upd... (Brittany Fried)
Membership information
The North Rosslyn Civic Association welcomes and encourages all residents and property owners within the association boundary to financially support the association by joining and paying annual dues. The dues support the cost of hosting this web site and other administrative costs, dues for the Arlington County Civic Federation, and NRCA social events. By joining our association, you will receive email notifications of issues affecting our community and invitations to community meetings and social events.
2021 Membership Registration (Sylvia Kendra)
General Discussions
Discussion on initiatives related to existing ordinances and laws
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Community Involvement
Opportunities to participate in volunteer activities in Arlington County
Review of on-street parking (Nicole Merlene)
Crime Watch
Announcements and discussions pertaining to crime and public safety in our neighborhood
6 police cars at Ode and Colon... (Jennifer Cihon)
Rosslyn Dog Park/Run23
Re: Update: Interim Dog Park Propo... (Brittany Fried)
Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
Discussion, initiatives and information concerning emergency situations, disaster planning and homeland security
July 10 water outage in North ... (Paul Derby)
NRCA Residential Property Tax33
North Rosslyn Residential Unit... (Paul Derby)
Retail Businesses in Rosslyn and nearby
Discussions regarding nearby retail businesses frequented by North Rosslyn residents.
Exxon Station, 1824 Wilson Blv... (Sylvia Kendra)
Sound Abatement
Discussions related to reducing noise pollution (both air and ground)
Airplane Noise (John Hummel)
Streets, Sidewalks and Lighting
Discussions and initiatives regarding North Rosslyn streets, sidewalks and lighting.
Rosslyn Transporation Updates (Brittany Fried)
Zoning and Building Codes
Discussions concerning existing zoning and building code issues
VZW Cell Device on Dominion Ro... (Nicole Merlene)
Rodent Control
Share information on the battle with the nieghborhood rats in this forum.
Storm Drain Baiting 1/10/03 (Paul Derby)
Planning and Development Discussions
Discussions related to future plans and developments within North Rosslyn
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Affordable Housing
Discussions pertaining to affordable housing located within NRCA boundaries
Site Plans -1900 Fort Myer Drive – Rosslyn Holiday Inn
The applicant, Rosslyn Syndicate, LC, proposes new construction of a 732,600 sq. ft. building containing two towers of 26 and 38 stories. This building will consist of 327 hotel units, 490 residential units and 13,465 sq. ft. of civic or retail space. Additional project details include: Request to rezone the site from “C-O, S3-A” to “C-O Rosslyn” Request for vacation of 20th Street North Proposed below and above-grade parking containing 858 spaces Proposed LEED Gold certification Proposed modifications for: Bonus density Density exclusions Parking ratio Lot coverage Front yard setbacks Residential use standards
Mobile Crane Operation Notice (Brittany Fried)
Arlington Conservation Advisory Committee
Discussion and planning for projects tied to the Neighborhood County Conservation Program including Community Conservation Plans
NRCA to prepare Community Cons... (Jennifer Zeien)
Baseball Stadium in Rosslyn?
Your thoughts about placing a baseball stadium in Rosslyn
Re: The general proposal and some ... (Jennifer Zeien)
Community Gardens and Parks
Discussions and initiatives regarding the community garden area between 19th Street and Key Blvd.
Re: A boathouse east of Key Bridge (Mark Antell)
Gateway Park
Opinions and ideas concerning Gateway Park
Re: Friends of West Gateway Park (Rita Hummel)
County Requests for Civic Association Comment
Requests by Arlington County for input from the residents of North Rosslyn
“Arlington’s ‘process’ is pure... (Mark Antell)
Interstate 66
Discussions pertaining to Interstate 66
I-66 Inside the Beltway Projec... (Paul Derby)
Gondola to Georgetown
Discussions pertaining to the feasibility and planning for a gondola to connect Rosslyn to Georgetown.
Re: Chance for Gondola Feedback (Nicole Merlene)
Key Boulevard Apartments
Discussions pertaining to changes and future site plan processes related to the Key Boulevard Apartments
Stand up for KBA THIS SATURDAY... (Katie Elmore)
Public Transportaton Initiatives
Discussions pertaining to plans, public comment, and other public transportation initiatives.
Metro's FY19' Budget Open for ... (Nicole Merlene)
Realize Rosslyn Planning
Discussions pertaining to the Realize Rosslyn planning process
Resident input sought for the ... (Paul Derby)
Rosslyn Business Improvement District (BID)
Discussions relating to the proposed BID
Re: BID Beautification Project (John Seal)
Site Plans - Boat House78
Advocacy to limit the footprin... (Mark Antell)
Site Plans - Central Place2031
Notice of Blasting at Central ... (Paul Derby)
Site Plans - Colony House44
LRPC - Colony House GLUP study (Terri Prell)
Site Plans - Emerging topics
Discussions pertaining to site plan processes and new site plans in Rosslyn
Re: Rosslyn City Center Site Plan ... (Sylvia Kendra)
Site Plans - Gallery at Rosslyn322
Re: Gallery at Rosslyn (Paul Derby)
Site Plans - Rosslyn Circle Crossing12
Re: Rosslyn Circle Crossing Study ... (Mark Antell)
Site Plans - JBG Rosslyn Gateway #41924
Re: County meeting on Saturday, Ja... (Terri Prell)
Site Plans - Rosslyn Ridge12
Re: Rosslyn Ridge (<Ken Marcus>)
Site Plans - Rosslyn Plaza33
County Board to meet on re-zon... (Paul Quirk)
Site Plans - Turnberry Towers47
Security Fencing and steps (Paul Derby)
Site Plans - Waterview & Corporate Executive Board22
Signage at Waterview (Mark Antell)
Site Plans - WJLA16
Re: WJLA (<Ken Marcus>)
Site Plans - 1401 Wilson Blvd - 1400 Key Blvd
Discussion related to Monday Properties redevelopment of the block containing 1401 Wilson Blvd and 1400 Key Blvd.
Item on Planning Board's Agend... (Sylvia Kendra)
Telecommunications Facilities11
Use Permit Request:Telecommuni... (Sylvia Kendra)
Urban Design Committee (UDC)
Discussions pertaining to discussions and planning taking place at the Rosslyn BID's Urban Design Committee.
Sept 2018 UDC Meeting Notes (H... (Lenore Garcia)
Wilson School
Discussions pertaining to the furture use of Wilson School
Saddened by development plans (Mark Antell)
Western Rosslyn Area Planning Study (WRAPS)
Discussions pertaining to planning the redevelopment of the Rosslyn Highlands Park, Fire Station #10, Wilson School and nearby areas.
Has Arlington Lost Its Way? (Mark Antell)
1411 Key Blvd Apartments
Discussion related to Insight Property Group's redevelopment of the 1411 Key Blvd Apartments (formerly called the Washington Vista Apartments) located at the corner of Key Blvd and Nash St
Pre-Demolition Walk-thru 6/28/... (Sylvia Kendra)
Penzance Development44
Walk In COVID VAX Clinics Avai... (Mark Antell)
Board of Directors
Governance and administration of the North Rosslyn Civic Association
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Association Minutes
Minutes of the Association Meetings
December 20, 2022 Community Me... (Brittany Fried)
Board Minutes
Minutes of the Board of Director meetings
December 20, 2022 BOARD MINUTE... (Brittany Fried)
Board internal
Used by the board of directors for board business and discussions
Private Discussions
Discussions private to working groups of the North Rosslyn Civic Association
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Key Boulevard45
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