December 20, 2022 BOARD MINUTES
NRCA Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, December 20, 2022
7:00 PM, Zoom

Board Members in Attendance:
Thomas Cooke, Terri Prell, Rick Froehlich, Joe Ventrone, Brittany Fried

1. Opening, Quorum Established
a. Discussion of potential forthcoming construction on N. Nash Street.

2. Approval of July 13, 2022 Minutes

3. Treasurer’s Report
a. NRCA is financially healthy. There is approximately $1,700 in its account with $692 in net cash receipts for 2022.
b. Board members Phil Schimmel or Joe Ventrone will take responsibility for billing from Rick Froehlich. This will entail setting up a new PayPal account. There is no need for a new Zelle account, which is linked to the NRCA Gmail account.
c. Approximately 40 families/members paid dues in 2022. No one was actively billed.

4. Membership and Future Meeting Discussion
a. Brittany will consolidate the membership lists from 2020 and 2021 to see if there are duplicates or if past members can be approached to rejoin the civic association.
b. Rick would recommend holding an event in the first quarter of 2023 (February or March) to engage members and gain their membership for the year. Terri recommended the first week of March.
c. The last in-person event at Assembly cost $1000.
d. The Board would like to consider a walking tour of Rosslyn to visit the different restaurants and community institutions in spring 2023. This tour could be held in conjunction with the Rosslyn BID.

5. Review of Community Meeting agenda
a. Crestmont Development Project Update
i. Nothing is currently scheduled at the county-level for this development. They are currently completing their preliminary draft submission. As soon as they have completed this and talked to the County, they will give NRCA an update.
b. The North Rosslyn Trifecta
i. This entails the RCA development, Key Bridge development, and AMES project and encompasses 1,681 units. Joe recently spoke with AMES development representatives and stressed the importance of coordination between these projects in terms of staging and traffic patterns.
c. I-66 Bridge Renovation
i. One lane is still under construction. There is a lot of traffic on Lynn Street going over Key Bridge as a result. NRCA wants to make sure there will be utmost coordination between the trifecta developments and bridge work to ensure traffic patterns still move.
d. The Missing Middle
i. The Missing Middle is workforce housing, not public housing. The Committee of 100 will have a special program on it in March that NRCA will advertise. The County will be voting on zoning changes. One of the most important roles NRCA can do is provide information that allows people to educate themselves on what the missing middle and proposal really is.
e. Local Business Developments
i. Il Radicchio and Rhodeside Grill will be closing for a forthcoming housing development.
ii. The convenient store located at the corner of N Oak and Key Blvd will be closing at the end of the month.

6. Meeting adjourned
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