Arlington Motorcar
<Ken Marcus>

Arlington Motorcar's Public Garage at 1712 Wilson Blvd has sought a use permit, which will be considered at the County Board's January meeting. The subject use was originally approved by the County Board in 1985, subject to conditions relating to maintenance, landscaping, screening automobile care and storage. I don't have any further details at this time.

I object to Arlington Motorcar's use permit request.
I do not object to Arlington Mortorcar's use permit request.
I have concerns about the request.

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<Ken Marcus>
After further discussion with the county, it now turns out that the Arlington Motorcar is merely trying to renew its current use permit without any change to its terms. There have, of course, been various rumors about potential alternative uses for the property (e.g., rumors that the fire department was considering moving the station there, that a private developer was considering redeveloping the property, etc.). The county official with whom I spoke had not even heard any of these and certainly had no information to support any of them. Given the routine nature of the request, I doubt that it will be controversial when it comes up at the January board meeting. However, if anyone has any concerns, they should post them here or contact me directly.
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