June 6,2019 Community Meeting Minutes
North Rosslyn Civic Association
June 6, 2019 Community Meeting Minutes
The meeting began at 7:03 p.m. in the Dogwood Room of the Holiday Inn, which was filled to capacity. John Hummel, Board President, welcomed the audience. He reported that the NRCA is financially solvent with a balance of $2000. New members are always needed and should be actively encouraged. Promotional coffee mugs with NRCA logos will be given to all new members, to those who enlist new sponsors and to renewing members as long as the supply lasts.
Mary Ann Elliott reported briefly on a group called “Our Dogs” which is advocating that a dog park be built in Gateway Park. She requested signatures for a petition to the Arlington County Board with a goal of 1,000 signatures and asked interested audience members to provide their email addresses for further updates.
Terri Prell, NRCA Board Member advised the audience about a petition to the Arlington County Board requesting that the two lanes of traffic on N. Nash Street exiting onto Lee Highway not be narrowed to one as the current plans calls for. Narrowing the lanes to one would cause even greater congestion during the a.m. commute. Terri requested signatures for the petition.
John explained that the evening’s agenda was driven in response to community interest and concerns about the major construction projects planned for the Key Bridge Marriott and Holiday Inn Rosslyn sites. Both projects are likely to be simultaneous, placing considerable strain on the community.
John first introduced Marc Dubick, President, Duball Corp. to discuss the Key Bridge Marriott project. John Segreti and Maurice Walters, the architect were also presenters. Mr. Dubick outlined the plan, which is being submitted to the Arlington County Board for review. Since the plan conforms to the existing zoning for the property and they can build “by right” needing no height or density variances they expect approval. A previous plan which called for high-rise structures to exceed these limits, was rejected by the Board. The plan will have five components: the current hotel to be renovated internally, two apartment buildings and two condominiums. Each of the buildings will have underground parking. The plan’s focus is to make the complex feel more a part of Rosslyn than the current hotel by removing the concrete bridge that runs over Lee Highway connecting the hotel to Gateway Park, locating the hotel entrance onto Lee Highway, moving the loading dock to the back, including pedestrian walk ways, public spaces, restaurants and attractive landscaping. Parking will be located below the hotel with improved access.
There were many audience concerns focused on the prediction of thousands more cars and possibly buses to increase already existing congestion during the a.m. commute on Lee Highway, Nash and Ft. Myers Streets. Noise and air pollution concerns during construction were voiced. Drilling will be used instead of pile driving. Expected time line for building to be 12 to 14 months, with hotel, condos and apartments to be completed together. Ground breaking will be in about a year. Power arrangements are expected to be an issue.
Bob Bushkoff, Dittmar Corporation, gave an update for the Holiday Inn Project. He announced important meeting dates where transportation and traffic pattern changes will be presented to the community. On June 17 the Site Plan Review Committee will be help at Key Elementary School to address transportation issues. On June 27 there will be a Planning Commission meeting. There are meetings planned for September 21 and 23 and they will include a vote on the project by the County Board. Time line for the destruction of the existing building will begin by the end of the third quarter of the year. Audience concerns focused on overwhelming worry about an increase in the number of cars, traffic congestion, bus parking and the fact that both the Key Bridge Marriott and Holiday Inn projects will be simultaneous. More information will be available online on the Arlington County Home page, Planning, Current Site Plans.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 Respectfully submitted,
Judy Brand, Secretary
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