Minutes of Association Meeting of January 16, 2014
<Morton Friedman>
January 16, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Jennifer Zeien at 7:30 PM. Board members in attendance were Jennifer Zeien, Paul Derby, Katie Elmore, and Mort Friedman. Guests included Paul Rothenberg and Mary-Claire Burick from the Rosslyn BID.

Paul Derby presented the Treasurer’s report. Receipts include dues from 50 paid members and $155 in donations. Expenses for CY13 totaled $424.85. The end-of-year bank balance was $1054.32. The report is available on the NRCA website.

A motion to approve the draft minutes of the latest General Meeting without change was made, seconded, and approved unanimously.

The election for new Board members was held. Mr. Derby reviewed the staggered three-year terms of the Board members. Mort Friedman had declined to run for re-election. Ballots were distributed to the dues-paying members in attendance. In Mark Antell’s and Landis Jones’s absence, their qualifications were summarized by Terri Prell and Jennifer Zeien, respectively. Sylvia Kendra and Brandi Schantz indicated a desire to run for the Board and explained their credentials and their interest in becoming a Board member. In the absence of further nominations, it was moved and seconded to close nominations. A secret ballot elected Mr. Jones and Ms. Kendra. Mark Antell and Brandy Schantz received the same number of votes on the first ballot, and Mr. Antell won the subsequent run-off election.

Ms. Zeien explained the role of the Process Panel for the Rosslyn Sector Plan Update. The Panel is developing a framework for the planning process, after which the Update to the Plan will be drawn up. The next meeting of the Process Panel has not been set. It was suggested that participating in Realize Rosslyn workshops, where all attendees are free to contribute their opinions, is more worthwhile than attending Process Panel meetings, where those not on the panel are limited to observing the proceedings.

Katie Elmore reviewed the 1400 Nash/1401 Key Boulevard redevelopment. The architectural plans looks good. The NRCA should press to have the Skywalk retained and oriented to be more convenient to our residents. The location of the garage entrance is problematic and still to be resolved. It is currently sited on Key Boulevard between Nash and Oak Streets. Concern was expressed about the increase in traffic volume as well as the traffic pattern. Paul Rothenberg pointed out that $30M in community benefits are associated with this development, and the community should speak now to express its desires, through the NRCA. Importantly, we should make it clear that we want the benefits to improve life in Rosslyn, where the development is taking place. Ms. Elmore invited additions, via the NRCA web site, to the current list of desired benefits, which she repeated from the previous meeting. Ms. Prell suggested sending this list to County staff sooner rather than later; Ms. Elmore will do so within three weeks. Ms. Zeien suggested adding an elementary school to the list. It was reported that a letter of intent has been issued for a grocery on the site – it is believed that it may be a Harris Teeter.

Ms. Zeien reported on Central Place. Site preparation is supposed to start January 21. The sky bridges across Moore and Lynn Streets will be removed. The completion date for the north building is January 2017. Work on the south building, which will house the observation platform, has not yet been scheduled. The County should be informed that the Clover Building at 1700 N. Moore Street needs to be open once the bridges come down, and that the utility work will disrupt traffic on Lynn Street.

Several community members toured the western half of Gateway Park with Lyndell Core of Arlington County. The park was “surprisingly clean”; participants picked up remaining trash. They also made a number of suggestions for near-term improvements to the park. It was suggested that Mark Antell be nominated for a Bill Thomas Park Service Volunteer Award. It was moved and seconded that he be nominated by the NRCA itself, for this and other contributions to the preservation and maintenance of green space in the area. Gateway Park improvements are part of the community benefit associated with the Rosslyn Gateway redevelopment, but they are not specified in detail.

Ms. Zeien reported that no action regarding convening the WRAPS study has taken place. Paul Rothenberg said the WRAPS study is now expected to start up in February, but at present there are unresolved issues that have to be addressed before the study can go forward. Paul Rothenberg suggested that the Rosslyn BID and NRCA consult to develop a unified position. Mr. Derby mentioned Highview’s “holistic” approach to WRAPS and the Key Boulevard Apartments redevelopment, and Ms. Prell offered to present it at the Civic Federation meeting.

An attendee indicated her firm’s interest in placing a child care center in the vacant space in Turnberry Tower that had been designated for a restaurant in the original site plan. This suggestion was supported by Mr. Rothenberg, who noted that existing nearby centers have long waiting lists. The attendee was invited to present her proposal to the next Turnberry Tower residents’ meeting.

The next General Meeting of the NRCA will be held on March 20. Ms. Elmore indicated that a North Rosslyn Happy Hour will be held at Amuse on January 31 at 6:30 PM.

Mary-Claire Burick invited the NRCA membership to the BID focus group meetings on February 4 and 11. Wine and cheese will be provided. The BID is developing a strategic plan and would like to be able to tell the County that they have reached out to us. Mr. Rothenberg pointed out that all the major construction activity in Rosslyn is within the NRCA boundaries, and accordingly the BID welcomes increased neighborhood interest and participation.

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Morton Friedman
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