Nov 15, 2006 Meeting Minutes
DATE: JANUARY 10, 2007
The regularly scheduled meeting of the North Rosslyn Civic Association was called to order at approximately 7:15 pm on November 15, 2006 at the Gallery. President Mark Antell, Secretary Anne Spiesman, and Director Bill Maron were present. Treasurer Paul Derby sent his report. Association members Cecilia Cassidy (Rosslyn BID), Landis Jones, Jennifer Zeien, Mary Schoeder, Dick Schwartz, Jack Sloan, Linda Sloan, and Paul Mulligan were present, in addition to several guests. A quorum of voting members was not present (9 voting members were present; a quorum of 10 was required); however, the meeting proceeded for informational purposes.
1. Organization Status
Mr. Derby's report was read to the group. It is attached.
2. Downtown Rosslyn Development Issues and Wilson School Site
Landis Jones and Jennifer Zeien, representing the Rosslyn Renaissance Urban Design Committee and Rosslyn Working Group, presented a detailed overview and update of planned development in Rosslyn, including Clover (at the entrance to Metro), the 1812 site (between the electrical substation and Metro station), the JBG/Central Place project (between Moore and Lynn Streets), which is to include an observation deck and public plaza. They also reviewed other sites of possible future development including the building housing Rosslyn Spectrum, 1101 Lee Highway, and the Wilson School.
Mr. Antell noted that traffic and buses were of great concern with regard to the Central Place development. Ms. Cassidy stated that the BID would provide information about site plan meetings to Mr. Antell for posting on the NRCA Forum.
Mr. Antell is the NRCA representative to the 1812 Moore/ Central Place site plan committee. NRCA member Jennifer Zeien also sits on that committee.
Mr. Antell updated the group on ongoing discussions between the Arlington Public School Board and the County regarding the fate of the Wilson School site. The School Board has formed a committee to study the issue, the Multi-Site Study Committee. Mr. Antell lobbied successfully to bring a community impact dimension to the study. Stan Karson of Ft. Myer/Radnor Heights Civic Association is a member of the committee and a community voice.
Increased use of the NRCA Forum and additional membership/informational meetings were suggested as a means of coordinating information, generating community dialogue, and providing unified feedback on development issues affecting the neighborhood.
3. Keynote Speaker"”Willis Braswell, President, Tara-Leeway Heights Civic Association
Mr. Braswell described his association's successful strategies for engaging with the County on development issues affecting his neighborhood, such as Arlington Hospital's major upgrade. Key points included: build alliances with neighboring associations and the Civic Federationto focus on common goals; view developers as individuals rather than "the Enemy"; get an early start on issues and work with County staff; meet developers' and community's needs (win/win). His association secured $50,000 in traffic calming funds as part of their community benefits. He also recommended looking into NCAC"”Neighborhood Conservation funding. His association has 85 dues paying households; represents 846 households/ 3000 population; publishes 3 newsletters per year; has website.
4. Nominations for the open Board position (vacated by Bill Maron):
Mark Antell nominated Joe Famme. Anne Spiesman nominated Jennifer Zeien. The vote will be held at the January meeting since a quorum was not achieved.
5. Turnberry Towers Construction.
Representatives from the Turnberry Towers projected gave a presentation about community impacts of this 247 unit, 312-ft-high luxury highrise on the site of the Best Western. The parking ratio is 1.5. A portion of that is valet parking.
Various temporary and permanent street changes will be part of this development. Permanent changes include removing the right hand turn lane of Ft. Myer Dr., and reducing the turning radius to slow traffic. Underground utilities will be provided along Key Boulevard as far as Ode Street. Nash St. will be upgraded, and the staircase between Nash St. and Colonial Terrace will be rehabilitated. Trees will be planted.
Per County noise code, activity will take place from 7 am-9 pm M-F and 10am-7pm Sat. No parking on Nash St from May 2007-May 2009. Utilities work will take place on Key Blvd between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm. A one-week outage for electrical work will require Key Blvd to be closed.
Most construction will be below grade through July 2007. Project completion is scheduled for September 2009.
Turnberry's construction contact information is: Bruce Rosenthal, General Superintendent, 301-657-3370.
The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
A. Spiesman, Secretary
Attachment: P. Derby Report for Nov 15, 2006 Meeting
As of today, we have collected dues for 40 members and
organizations, giving us $400 to cover our operating expenses. Our
expenses to date have been $380.95 giving us a net operating surplus
of $19.05. Our expenses are in two categories, internet hosting
costs and membership fees for Rosslyn Renaissance and the Arlington
County Civic Federation. As you can see we are at a near break even
point. Our internet hosting fees are $21/month so when we pay the
December bill, we will be within $2 of operating at a break even
point. A letter and membership application has been sent to all the
residents whose email addresses we have on record to support their
association during 2007. More participation would enable us to do a
lot more outreach to the community.

Community activities where I've been active include the following

- Working with the Washington Metro for various improvements and
maintenance issues including monitoring bicycle racks to have
abandoned bicycles removed to allow more bike parking, getting the
leaks fixed around the elevator shaft, getting the glass cleaned and
replaced in the elevator. Keeping the lighting maintained. Keeping
the drainage working so water doesn't pool at the top of the
escalator on the plaza level.

- Working with Monday Property management for various maintenance
issues at the building they manage that provides the plaza walkway
from Oak Street to the Arlington Temple church. Requests were made
on behalf of NRCA to replace dead landscape plants, replace the
deteriorating soffit along the walkway, replace malfunctioning
lighting, repair the stairs to the skywalk across Nash, refurbish
the paving stones replacing broken stones and raising the level above
the water level during heavy rain, keeping the drains cleaned, and
restoring the metro access sign that has disappeared. The soffit
work and lighting have been completed. The remaining work is
scheduled between now and next spring.

- Working with Arlington County for traffic calming and enhanced
pedestrian safety along Key Blvd. Working with Arlington County
parks to keep the lighting working between Rosslyn Highlands Park and
Wilson School.
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