June 24, 2020 Community Meeting Minutes
NRCA Quarterly Meeting
Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Zoom, 7:00 pm
1. Welcome
2. Review of conversation between Matt Pfeiffer, Terri Perell, Susan Vincent and Tom Cooke
a. There is a “new normal” for site approvals in response to COVID-19
b. The process is generally the same with the timeline remaining at 180 days. However, there are no more in-person meetings and great competition for meeting dates and times
3. June 10 Dittmar (Holiday Inn) Meeting Review
a. Most of the conversation was focused on pending utility work, not demolition
b. Utility work is controlled by Washington Gas, not Dittmar
c. 20th Street utility work will commence as early as the week of June 22. It is estimated to take 6-8 months. Work will take place between 7:00am and 9:00pm on weekdays and 9:00am – 9:00pm on weekends and holidays. Once the structure is enclosed, work can continue until midnight (Condition 10). The majority of the utility work is underground.
d. In terms of traffic, one lane of Lee Highway will be closed during some of the utility work period. There will be minimal truck staging. The Holiday Inn parking garage will be used by workers
e. The earlier announcement that the Holiday Inn demolition would begin in August 2020 has been changed to late 2020 at the earliest
4. RCA Development Announcement, 1901 N Moore St
a. This proposal is an amendment to an earlier approved plan. It proposes 423 apartments instead of 122 condos and 285 apartments
5. AMES Project Update from June 23 Meeting
a. There appears to be two issues of concern to the Department of Community Planning, Housing & Development: the Nash Street Skybridge and parking
b. The only data on skybridge usage as of now is from 2012. Key players to involve in this conversation going forward are the Atrium and 1800 Oak
c. The current proposal is for 5 levels of above-ground parking. It is unclear how much parking will be needed and is permissible above ground
d. As further information emerges, NRCA will keep members updated on how they can provide public comments on the project
6. International Place, 1735 N Lynn St (SP # 335) Update
a. International Place is looking to carry out cosmetic upgrades. This includes: a rooftop terrace, streetscape improvements, conversion of retail space to office space, and improvement in ADA accessibility
b. The NRCA Board expressed support of the updates to the County Board with a suggestion for increased “green” environment on the rooftop terrace
7. Potomac Towers, 1001 N 19th Street (SP # 241) Update
a. Potomac Towers is looking to replace the FRB sign with a Venture Global sign, reflecting the change in tenant
b. The NRCA Board expressed support for the new signage
8. Queens Court, 1801 N. Quinn Street (SP # 444), Update
a. The 12-story building will be all apartments, with 249 Committed Affordable (CAF) Dwelling Units
b. There will be 175 parking spaces and 9,000 square feet dedicated to public park
9. Marriott Key Bridget Project Update
a. There is a chance Georgetown University will rent a large amount of space in the Marriott Key Bridge if students are allowed back on campus this fall. If this occurs, it is likely that Marriott Key Bridget construction plans will be put on hold
10. Rosslyn Farmers Market is Open
a. The Farmers Market is Wednesdays at 3:00pm! If it is safe for you, please try to go and support local vendors
11. Treasurer’s Report
a. It was intended to spend a portion of NRCA’s bank balance on the June 2020 social event, which was unfortunately postponed due to COVID-19. We will keep members informed of plans when they are safe to resume
12. Next Meeting
a. The next meeting will likely take place in September 2020. Initially this meeting was intended to be a tour of the H-B Woodlawn school, but this will be contingent upon the school reopening and providing tour permissions. NRCA members will be updated re: meeting plans and dates as they are solidified
13. Meeting Adjourned
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