General Meeting Minutes, Sept 25, 2014
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NRCA General Meeting
Thursday, September 25, 2014
Turnberry Tower, 1881 N Nash St
7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

1. The meeting was called to order by President Jennifer Zeien at 7:40 PM (Due to scheduling conflict there was a last minute location change from the Atrium to Turnberry Tower). Board members in attendance were Paul Derby, Terry Brown, Jennifer Zeien, Katie Elmore, Mark Antell, Sylvia Kendra, and Brandy Schantz .

2. Treasurer's Report. Paul Derby distributed the treasurer’s report and stated that two more registrations are needed to break even on annual administrative costs. As of September 30, 2014 NRCA assets, all cash, are $1.121.71. Expenses are $272.61 for a net balance of $67.39.

3. Secretary’s Report. Sylvia Kendra stated that the minutes from the last general meeting were posted on the NRCA website. The minutes were approved with no changes.

4. Rosslyn Sector Plan Update (Realize Rosslyn)
• Framework finalized in April 2014
• Sub-committee meetings in September and October
• NRCA priorities for final sector plan-Website: http://sites.arlingtonva.us/rosslynsector/

Jennifer Zeien: The County board has approved the plan. Jennifer and Katie Elmore are representing the NRCA in the meetings. There is some concern over transportation aspects of the plan. NRCA hope to include limits to building height, balance density, etc. stay tuned, this is work in progress.

5. Western Rosslyn Area Planning Study Working Group (WRAPS) and Arlington Public Schools (APS) Plans for 1,300-seat MS at Wilson
• Summary of meetings to present-Website: http://projects.arlingtonva.us...dies/land-use/wraps/
• NRCA response to APS stakeholders questionnaire
• Website: http://www.apsva.us/moreseats

The plan includes a new school for 1300 students and fire house.
Concerns to NRCA: include the loss of public green space, loss of the basketball court, loss of tot lot. There is no other public land available in North Rosslyn. Additionally, the historic school property.
Top priorities for future open spaces, made available by APS:
• Basketball court
• Tot lot court
• Play field with natural grass
• Passive recreation -picnic tables and benches

NRCA recommendations: Rather than consuming all the public green spaces, APS should purchase more land. Additionally, we really can’t cram so many students into such a small space.

6. Public Land for Public Good/Arlington Parks Coalition/CivFed Parks Committee Resolution
• Summary of meetings and activities
• Next call to action: Clarendon Day volunteers and signing petition
• NRCA comments on Site Evaluation Guidelines
• Websites: http://projects.arlingtonva.us...and-use/public-land/ http://www.arlingtonparkscoalition.org/

Katie Elmore represents NRCA in Arlington Parks Coalition, conducting outreach to get signed petitions to support public park spaces. Rosslyn Highland Parks is #1 for development. How this effort interfaces with WRAPS is not clear. Comment deadline from Oct 1 – 31 go to their website – http://www.arlingtonparkscoalition.org/ to sign the petition in support of public parks.

7. Key Boulevard Apartments AHC Site Plan
• Next and final meeting Monday, September 29 at 8:30 p.m.
• Impressions and expectations from CPHD planning staff
• Website: http://projects.arlingtonva.us...boulevard-apartments
Jennifer Zeien: The current plan is to demolish the existing facilities and build a new 6 story building. Add 44 unts - part will be affordable housing. Add roughly 150 cars, no guest parking. The entire community is against it but the developer is very aggressive. AHC proposes to transfer density rights from Ballston to Rosslyn. They are removing all efficiency apartment – rents will increase considerably.
Jennifer Zeien, Terry Brown and Roa Llyn are representing the NRCA. Next critical meeting is the County Board meeting, on Nov 15 – Saturday morning.
NRCA will draft a letter to county in opposition of this plan and we encourage individual organizations to write their own.

8. Other News and Updates
• Our meetings and walking tour with John Vihstadt
• Upcoming Civic Federation votes
• National Airport noise -- next General meeting will feature speaker regarding air traffic noise
• Rosslyn Homeless Services Committee
General Discussion: The question of whether NRCA should develop a Rosslyn Neighborhood Conservation Plan. Other Arlington communities have one, Rosslyn does not, but it will require effort from volunteers.

9. Next Events and Activities
• Candidate’s night with RAFOM: Monday, October 20, 7:00 PM at the Belvedere -2014 meeting schedule available at https://community.northrosslyn.org/ou...vities/calendar.html

10. Next General Meeting is November 20 at Turnberry Tower Social Room, 7:30 pm

11. Fall Happy Hour TBD: scheduling discussion Katie Elmore

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sylvia Kendra
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