Metro Inspection Report of May 20, 2010
Both stations were inspected on May 20, 2010. All departments have been advised of the failures in their area.

Open Issues: Rosslyn:

Mezzanine Level:
Farecard Vendor (bill & credit card issues) - COMPLETED
LED Screen blank – Unresolved
Concrete under escalator #9 is cracked and falling - Unresolved
Video Display in kiosk inoperative – Unresolved (part on back order)
New Issues:
1 – Light out above artwork
1 – Ceiling light out in mezzanine area

Lower Level Platform:
New Issues:

Upper Level Platform:
Broken tile in front of escalator #5 - COMPLETED
New Issues:
Escalator # 8 – Walker
1 – Ceiling light out (escalator #1)
1 – Wall panel light out (escalator # 1)

Open Issues: Arlington Cemetery:
Granite edge lights do not flash – Track-2 - COMPLETED
Granite edge lights do not flash – Track 1 - Unresolved
Two globes missing – Unresolved; Equipment no longer available. New fixture needed.
Passenger Information Display Track 1- not working – Unresolved
Loose platform tiles noted - Unresolved
New Issues:
Escalator # 2 – Inoperable
Escalator # 5 – Walker


Paul Bumbry
Superintendent, Station Operations (Act)
Office of Rail Transportation
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
4300 Garden City Drive
Hyattsville, MD 20785
Office: 202-962-6335
"Safety is our number one priority"
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