Proposal: Let's get greenspace ... from development
Two Draft Resolutions toward obtaining GreenSpace from Development. For discussion at our upcoming April 8, 2008, meeting.

Resolution #1: Funding GreenSpace from development.
Whereas: Site Plan type developments in Rosslyn allow for development density greater (or much greater) than that allowed by-right.
Whereas: Developers are required to provide "community benefits" to offset the community impact of development.
Whereas: The value of the community benefits is related to the extra value which developers obtain thru the upzoning of their sites.
Whereas: We residents of North Rosslyn are the most affected group by development.
Whereas: The lack of greenspace is deeply felt by North Rosslyn residents.

Therefore it is resolved that the NRCA shall call for a fixed percentage (5%) of all community benefit packages in our neighborhood shall be dedicated to preservation or improvement of greenspace.

Resolution #2. Planning use of GreenSpace funds.
Whereas: Normally Arlington County expects that plans and priorities for neighborhood greenspace should be considered and approved via development of a "neighborhood conservation plan."
Whereas NRCA is at a very preliminary stage in development of a "neighborhood conservation plan."

Therefore it is resolved that NRCA shall initiate a process to develop a "neighborhood conservation plan" adequate to identify, cost-out, and prioritize greenspace preservation and improvement projects in our neighborhood.
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