Facilities for West Gateway Park
I understand by word of mouth and not on the County's website, that in Jan 2017 the County approved JBG's application for a 3-yr extension to their 2012 Phase 1 SP#419 for the Rosslyn Gateway Project. There are Community Benefits in that agreement that affect our neighborhood that are being delayed for way too long. Anyway, it will take SP#419 well into mid-2021 before JBG can file another site plan extension for County approval. I believe Gateway Park Community Benefits approved by the County in 2012 will be forthcoming around the time I'm involuntarily moved into a nursing center (... a little dramatic but given current progress ...).

I'm asking if there's any chance of getting some attention paid to the Gateway Park now rather than whenever ... As referenced by the Rosslyn Sector Plan (p36) and after more than 10 years of County talk, the existing open space network at Gateway Park is still, "dominated by passive spaces and severely lacking in active recreation amenities." It appears that the many hours and consultation events the residents spent sharing Realize Rosslyn Gateway Park dreams was a waste of time.

Why don't we have a place in our park with shelters and grills? Arlington County does not allow multi-family residences to grill and we have nowhere to grill a steak or to have a family picnic/cookout. Also, where are playgrounds within walking distance of our children? The events sponsored by the Rosslyn BID are geared to the commuters during working hours and there is little opportunity provided for outdoor family activities in our north Rosslyn sector unless you want to spend a Summer Friday night watching an outdoor movie.

I must admit that I'm a bit jealous when I see the newly renovated recreational facilities at other Arlington Parks that are too far for us to walk. Is it possible to get at least a couple of cookout grills, a space for shelter, and a children's gym set in Gateway Park soon? Despite the unsanitary nature of an open outdoor sandbox, the sandbox in the former fountain is well used but it does not promote active exercise for our young and middle age children.

Please forward to whomever you think can help to bring some much needed attention to the NRCA area's only park.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rita Hummel
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