NRCA Board Meeting of June 4, 2008
This meeting was limited to a, ˜touch base - what are we up to?' discussion.

Mark reported on the most recent Arlington County Civic Federation meeting (NRCA board members are all delegates or alternates). Three issues were voted on concerning affordable housing, particularly alternative dwelling units. On the three issues:
Mark voted FOR expanding current zoning codes to allow alternative dwelling units in single family houses for caregivers (au-pair, elder assistance, etc.).
Mark voted FOR requesting the County Attorney to report on enforceability of current and proposed regulations governing alternative dwelling units.
Mark voted AGAINST expanding alternative dwelling unit regulations to allow rental units in existing single family housing.

Mark also reported on Wilson School. He plans to determine whether the County Manager has received any direction from the County Board in his negotiations with the APS Superintendent (I've since contacted the appropriate offices. No word as yet on possible meetings.)

Mark stated that he would be out of town (Grecia, Alajuela, Costa Rica) in September, and then again in November thru early December.

Jennifer reported that the Corcoran bid for use of the Newseum was not well received because it included use of the space for office, education, and warehouse functions rather than display and presentation. Mark agreed to contact John Seals, in his capacity as head of the Arts Commission, to get an update on this. (I've sent a note to John. No response as yet.)

Jennifer did not have any further report on Rosslyn Plaza.

Jennifer indicated the draft Rosslyn Transportation Plan hadn't changed for a couple of months. It's near finalization.

Jennifer also noted positively the reports from Paul Derby on crime and on subway maintenance.

John indicated a willingness to work with Mark on a coalition of Civic Federations in the R-B corridor.
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