Board Meeting Minutes November 24, 2002
24 November 2002

Present: Ken Marcus
David Lubs
Mark Antell
Paul Derby
John Seal
Stephanie Benefield

Absent: Joe Famme

Ken Marcus called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

(M) John Seal moved and Stephanie Benefield seconded the motion to elect Ken Marcus as President, Mark Antell as the First Vice President, John Seal as the Second Vice President, Paul Derby as Treasurer, Stephanie Benefield as Secretary, and David Lubs as the at-large member. The motion passed unanimously.

(M) David Lubs moved and John Seal seconded a motion to accept the corrected Bylaws as agreed at the First Annual Meeting of the Civic Association held on 17 Novembwer 2002. The motion passed unanimously.

(M) The Board members drew straws to decide each member's term of office. Three year terms were drawn by Mark Antell, Paul Derby, and David Lubs, two year terms were drawn by Ken Marcus and Stephanie Benefield, and a one year term was drawn by John Seal and Joe Famme.

(M) John Seal moved and Mark Antell seconded a motion that we join the Arlington Civic Federation. Ken Marcus agreed to prepare a letter, copy the Bylaws, write a list of the twenty members and send in the necessary fee of forty dollars.

(M) Mark Antell moved and John Seal seconded a motion to appoint John Seal, Stephanie Marcus, David Lubs, and Stephanie Benefield for one year as the representatives of the Association to the Arlington Civic Federation.

(M) Paul Derby moved and Ken Marcus seconded a 77.00 dollar initial fee and 21.00 dollar monthly fee to register the North Rosslyn Civic Association name and set up a website. The motion passed unanimously.

The Board authorized two expenses and tabled the remainder of the expenditures until a later date.

Mark Antell was appointed Chairman of the Membership Committee. Each member agreed to approach their Association Board of Directors and residents for membership in the Civic Association.

Ken Marcus, John Seal and Stephanie Benefield agreed to meet and discuss a statement that the Civic Association would make at the upcoming 7 December 2002 Rosslyn Renaissance BID proposal hearing at the Arlington County Board.

(M) David Lubs moved and Stephanie Benefield seconded a motion to hold the next meeting on 8 December 2002 at 7:00 pm at the Atrium Community Room and to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 pm.
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