Board Meeting Notes June 15
NRCA Secretary
Board members present: Paul Derby, Sylvia Kendra, Mark Antell, Terri Prell

Minutes of the February board meeting need to be reviewed and approved (action Brandy)
Minutes of this board meeting need to be derived from these notes (action Brandy)
Sylvia presented the financial and membership reports (attached)

There was general discussion about NRCA representation. Comments made:
Continue working to involve and empower residents to cover areas of interest in addition to those listed below
Add Terri Prell and Sylvia Kendra as Civic Federation delegates. Ask Jim and Brandy to serve as Civic Federation alternate delegates. (action Paul to notify Civic Federation of delegates and alternates. Brandy and Jim to agree/decline serving as alternates)

Emphasize transparent and frequent communication using the NRCA Forum and our Social Media pages. Continue to move away from email communication

Continue to separate the activities conducted in MEMBER meetings from BOARD meetings. Focus on areas of interest to the quality of living and interactions with government at the member meetings along with brief reports from those representing North Rosslyn residents community actifities. The board will focus on providing meaningful discussion and content at member meetings, building membership, providing effective communications choices for members (forum, social media, topic focused meet-ups, member meetings, etc.)

There was general discussion about member programming
Determine date for the RAFOM candidates night. (action Mark) If candidates nights is NOT Sept 24, then have PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION as the topic. Acton Paul to get a speaker from METRO, Terri to get a speaker from Arlington County)
November 19 member meeting on function and activities of the Rosslyn BID relative to residents (action Paul to invite Mary-Claire et al to speak)
At the October board meeting we will plan the member meeting topics for 2016.
Minutes of preceding meeting

Treasurer’s Financial Report and Membership report

Discussion about NRCA Representation:

Activity: Represent North Rosslyn at the Building and Landscape Planning Committee and Public Facilities Review Committee meetings
Purpose: Plan Wilson School to accommodate needs of North Rosslyn residents
NRCA Representatives: Carroll Colley and Paul Mulligan, Laura Hoye alternate

Activity: Represent North Rosslyn at the Urban Design Committee meetings.
Purpose: Plan the urban aspects of Rosslyn to best meet the needs of the residents
NRCA Representative: Lenore Garcia
NRCA Alternate: Brandy Schantz

Activity: Represent North Rosslyn in Pedestrian safety and experience meetings
Purpose: Improve pedestrian experience and improve the safety for walkers
NRCA Representative: Joseph A DePhillips

Activity: Represent North Rosslyn at Arlington County Civic Federation meetings
Purpose: Represent the best interests of residents of North Rosslyn at this organization
NRCA Representatives: Delegates: Mark Antell, Paul Derby, Alternate Delegates:

Future Meetings:

Board: June 18, October 15

Member: Sept 24 - Realize Rosslyn?

November 19 - Paul Ferguson?

Also attend Candidates night with RAFOM

General Discussion


Compiled by: Paul Derby & Brandy Schantz
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