September 23, 2020 BOARD MINUTES
23 September 2020
Board Meeting Minutes
1. Approved minutes from last meeting.
2. August 2020 Financial Statement – Rick
a. Very little monthly activity at this point.
b. We are down in membership this year. At this point last year had 48 households, now have 36
c. Started the year with $2,400 in cash, now down $120 from where started. With no revenue coming in, this will continue to go down. However, this will not be an issue (at least for the coming year), as there is sufficient cash to cover NRCA’s needs
d. When Rick began in the role in 2017, there was only $1,000 in the bank. Now would usually be the time to re-up local sponsorships, but not certain if this is the appropriate time due to COVID-related financial restraints on local businesses
3. Items for tonight’s general meeting
a. AMES Center – SPRC – Terri
i. An agreement has been reached: skybridges will come down. They will add bike lanes, which will lead to the removal of parking on one side of Nash St.
b. RCA Project Update – Terri & Tom
i. This project is pretty far down the road, as there are a number of ongoing leases in the building.
ii. SPRC process has not started yet
c. Holiday Inn Project Update – Tom
a. Concerns over demolition dust, especially in nearby buildings (Turnberry, Dakota, Georgetown Vista) and Gateway Park
b. Demo date is now December 13
c. People cannot be on their balcony (and perhaps should not be in their apartments) in the nearby buildings at the time of demolition
d. The demolition will occur at 8:00am. There is a 2-hour window on either side that things will be closed (Lee Highway and surrounding roads). NRCA will clarify if the demolition will be done AT 8:00am or BY 8:00am
d. Marriott Key Bridge Project Update -
 Currently there are no construction updates. We are not sure if or when the Marriott will re-open
e. RCP + R Dogs – Mary Ann Elliott
f. Other Business
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