June 22, 2017 - board meeting minutes
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North Rosslyn Civic Association
Board Meeting
June 22, 2017
The Board met at Turnberry Tower social room starting at roughly 7:05 pm. Board members present were Sylvia Kendra, Elena Chambers, Atima Omara, and John Hummel. It was felt that we did not have a quorum until Atima arrived. (see below) Absent were Nicole Merlene, Terri Prell, and Paul Quirk. The Board addressed several matters.
1. The community meeting scheduled for July 12 will be postponed until the fall, due to vacations. Sylvia will ensure that both speakers are notified. John Vihstadt is an Arlington County Board Member. James Walker is the COO of American Real Estate Partners, Owners of 1700 North Moore (aka, the Rosslyn City Center). He has asked to speak to our community about construction plans.
2. There was discussion of possible By-Laws changes:
a. Revising the quorum requirement, which currently states 3/5 of the Board must be present to enact business. There are presently 7 Board members.
b. Changing the dates of our regular membership meetings, to have them in the spring and fall, and our annual election in the fall (likely November).
c. Changing the titles of the Officers of the association.
d. Inserting a requirement for Board members to attend Board and community meetings. There was sentiment to insert in Section 5, Resignation and Removal, a requirement that any Board member who is absent from 3 meetings in a row, regardless of reason, resign from the Board.
3. The Board believes that candidates running for a Board seat should understand and accept the expectations for service if elected: there is the expectation that Board members attend all meetings and that they devote a minimum of 1 hour per week to reading documents distributed, providing thoughts, and attending meetings.
4. The Treasurer
a. Provided the May 2017 Statement of Cash In Bank. The Bank balance is $1,378.
b. Reported that the NRCA is now formally a non-stock corporation.
c. Presented a motion that introduced Document Retention Guidelines for the NRCA to follow. The motion was seconded by Elena Chambers, discussed briefly, and approved unanimously.

5. The Board reviewed drafts of our business cards, sponsorship flyers, and sponsorship certificates. The Board also discussed revisions to our web site.
6. Atima Omara volunteered to help us with our web site redesign. She also volunteered to take charge of arranging future NRCA community meetings.
7. Sylvia mentioned a 2 hour walking session she had with the Washington Post author of Where We Live about living in North Rosslyn.
The meeting adjourned at roughly 8:10 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
John Hummel

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