NRCA Board Meeting Minutes - Oct 23, 2014
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North Rosslyn Civic Association
Board Meeting Minutes
October 23, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Jennifer Zeien at 7:30 PM. Board members in attendance were Paul Derby, Jennifer Zeien, Katie Elmore, Mark Antell, Sylvia Kendra, and Terrence Brown.

1. Changes to the Board:
Jennifer Zeien will be stepping down from the board this month and we need to fill committee seats that she will vacate in Rosslyn planning and development groups. Since the next NRCA board election will occur in January 2015, the board will appoint someone to fill an at-large position through the duration of Jennifer's term. Katie Elmore, 1st VP will lead the NRCA board until a new President is selected by the board in January 2015.

The board is assembling a list of possible candidates for director and also for committee positions that Jennifer currently supports, such as, the Urban Design Committee.

2. Arlington Parks Coalition - NRCA is providing feedback to the Public Land Site Evaluation Guidelines. Deadline for submitting changes is Oct 31 and Katie Elmore will submit edits on behalf of NRCA, recommending that public spaces be used only for parks, recreation and other public benefits.

3.The homeless are using the skywalk by the church to sleep. No restroom are available to them there and as a result it makes an unpleasant environment for all. Restrooms are closed in Gateway park. We are engaging ASPAN regarding options and recommendations.

Katie Elmore has invited ASPAN to the January general meeting for an update on their program.

4. We want to increase the NRCA membership. Our bylaws state that we should be team leaders and have more general members involved in grassroots efforts and interests.

5. West Gateway park clean up – it’s time for another event. Who will lead the effort?

6. Next meeting. The next general meeting is on Nov 20 at Turnberry Tower social room. We have a special guest that will speak to the group about airline flight paths and related noise issues.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sylvia Kendra
Nov 12, 2014
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NRCA Director
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I would very much like to serve on the Urban Design committee. I am currently on the PFRC (public facilities review committee). I am a former member of both the Public Art Committee and the Arts Commission. This is a long held interest of mine. Terri Prell
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