March 23, 2022 BOARD MINUTES
NRCA Board Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, March 23, 2022
6:30 PM, Zoom
1. Opening
a. Discussion of potential forthcoming construction on N. Nash Street.

2. Discussion of New Board Nominee: Joe Ventrone
a. The four members present (Terri Prell, Brittany Fried, Phil Schimmel, Rick Froehlich) voted to put forward the board nominee at the Community Meeting.

3. Treasurer’s Report
a. NRCA is financially healthy. There is approximately $2,700 in its account.
b. The Board needs to ensure there is a purpose for collecting dues and intentionality in spending them, especially as we emerge from COVID.
c. The Board will consider if the dues structure should be re-evaluated (perhaps to $10/year or $20 for two years), or if there are events or marketing campaigns that can be held to use the funds.

4. Membership Discussion
a. Assembly was very successful for recruiting members: NRCA gained as many new members in one night as in the entire previous year.
b. The Board would like to consider a walking tour of Rosslyn to visit the different restaurants and community institutions in summer 2022.

5. Review of Community Meeting agenda

6. Tentative next meeting date: Wednesday, July 13, 2022. Board meeting will be held at 7:00pm, with the community meeting at 7:30pm. It was noted that all future meetings should begin at 7:30 with the Board meeting at 7:00.

7. Meeting adjourned
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