December 2, 2019 BOARD MINUTES
North Rosslyn Civic Association
Board Meeting Minutes
December 2, 2019

The Board met in the Social Room at The Atrium, starting at approximately 7:05 pm. Board members present were John Hummel, Sylvia Kendra, Rick Froehlich, Naomi Mercer, Brittany Fried and Judy Brand.
John Hummel opened the meeting with a short discussion of matters external to the Board. These included ongoing construction projects at multiple sites including: Queen’s Court, Holiday Inn, Marriott Hotel and the Ames Center.
Susan Vincent is the NRCA representative on the Marriott Hotel SPRC (Site Plan Review Committee). John mentioned their next meeting is scheduled for December 16 and encouraged people to attend since it is one of the only ways to voice concerns.

A Rosslyn resident contacted NRCA regarding the new restaurant, Happy Endings Eatery, because of his concern about the restaurant signage. The Board decided it would not become involved in this concern.
Internal matters were then discussed. There will be 3 open Board positions with 2 stated candidates. The open position will be advertised but the Board can continue with an open seat. In all probability these positions won’t be contested and there won’t be a need for a formal election. Terri Prell suggested that a Board meeting be scheduled mid January to discuss the unfilled position of Board President. Terri is willing to consider being a co-president.

For the next Community Meeting at the Holiday Inn a screen and projector are needed for the presenter who will discuss The Ames Center.
Dues will be collected by Rick Froelich. Most of the NRCA dues are used to cover the cost of the website and the Forum. There was discussion about whether to continue to pay for the website because it is not easily accessible. Everything on the website has been moved to the Forum. There is a link to the website on Facebook. Younger people use alternatives to Facebook such as Instagram. People who attend the Community Meeting will be given the Forum address and Rick Froelich will also email paid members the Forum address.

NRCA has two paid sponsors; Elim Tailor and Hair Gallery. Jean Hee will attend the 12/6 Community Meeting and will be publicly thanked by John. Fatima Amir is unable to attend. Both sponsors were sent a flower to thank them for their continued support. Other businesses will be approached, including the new owner of the deli/cleaner on Key and N. Oak Street. John has a packet of information for potential sponsors. Sponsors are listed on the web page and acknowledged at meetings.

At this time there is no need to increase dues. Past administrative costs have been streamlined. Expenses are limited. This lead to a lively discussion about the NRCA mission. Possible partnerships with community organizations, such as schools, the fire house etc. could show our appreciation and community spirit. NRCA mugs and refreshments will encourage attendance at Community Meetings.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm
The next Community Meeting will be 12/6/19 at 7:00 pm at the Holiday Inn
Respectfully submitted,
Judy Brand, Secretary

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