NRCA Board Meeting of 1/29/09
Minutes of board meeting on 1/29/09

Only Jennifer Zeien and Mark Antell attended.

Jennifer reported that nothing (other than Turnberry) is moving on construction downtown. That leaves us with a lot of open lots.

The County Board did pass a measure allowing greatly increased construction hours for central Rosslyn until Turnberry is occupied. After that, construction will still be allowed to operate till 8PM. This is an improvement over the County staff proposal; but still pretty troublesome for us. NRCA opposed this; Walt Tejada and Chris Zimmerman voted for our position (ie. against ‘special’ extended hours of construction for Rosslyn).

We should work for additional membership. Mark Antell will write to Turnberry asking that our introductory membership materials be included in their welcome materials.

Also, Mark has told RBID that we will participate with them in an activity that they’ll put on (near the David and Anna sculpture) on Arlington Neighborhood Day, May 9. Basically I’ve agreed to send out a note to our membership on the activity, plus we’ll staff our own table to provide NRCA information and membership sign-up material. I’ll do the table. Sure will appreciate help.

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