Board Meeting Minutes January 12, 2003
12 January 2003

Present: Ken Marcus
Paul Derby
Stephanie Benefield

Absent: Mark Antell
Joe Famme
David Lubs
John Seal

Ken Marcus called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

The Board agreed to approve the Agenda from the 8 December 2002 Board meeting, with the addition of a sentence "Paul Derby moved and John Seal seconded changing the procedure used by the Board to consensus instead of Roberts Rules of Order." However, when the next time there is a quorum at the Board meeting we need to discuss when there is not unanimity, should we change to Roberts Rules of Order?

We had a moment of silence in remembrance of Charles Monroe.

Ken Marcus made the President's Report which included the following:

--David Lubs and Mark Antell attended the Civic Federation meeting in December when our North Rosslyn Civic Association was accepted for membership.

--Paul Derby reported some modifications to the website for the Civic Federation representatives names and addresses to be included.

--Ken Marcus reported about preparations for the North Rosslyn Civic Associaiton to join the Rosslyn Renaissance Rosslyn Business Improvement Corporation (RBIC).

Paul Derby gave the Treasurer's Report.

Ken Marcus pointed out that the General Meeting scheduled for the end of January conflicted with the Super Bowl and we suggested a date change to 2 February 2003. We planned to invite Jim Pebley to speak about Civic Associations and Billy Robbins to speak about Rats and Vectors. We plan to have a short discussion of priorities for the Civic Association with the attendees.

John Seal suggested putting the information about the General Meeting as well as membership on the flyer we place under the doors at the Atrium. Stephanie Benefield agreed to recontact the apartment buildings on Key Boulevard to ask that flyers be posted inviting the residents to attend.

We discussed the possibility of hosting a candidates debate, possibly with Rafom, for the upcoming County Board election. Stephanie Benefield offered to contact the Rafom group and the Wilson School to inquire about interest and availability.

Stephanie Benefield has contacted the Arlington County office requesting a package of information concerning joining the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee. When she receives this information, she will make another report to the Board about the procedures for joining. The meetings occur every second Thursday of a month from 7:30 to 10:30 pm at the Rural Electrification Association Building in Ballston. We would have to commit to create a neighborhood conservation plan focusing on infrastructure and allow the County to print it. The County representative said we might consider combining our efforts with Rafom, particularly since they are just starting preparations, too. The first step is a household survey for the residents in the association's area.

Other Business

Paul Derby reported about a meeting he has planned with the Arlington County Manager for zoning code enforcement. They will walk around 19th Street to check for violations.

Ken Marcus closed the meeting at 8:00 pm.
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