February 25, 2020 BOARD MINUTES
NRCA Board Meeting
Tuesday, 25 February 2020
Turnberry Towers Board Room, 7:00 pm

1. Approval of Minutes

2. Treasurer’s Report
a. No changes from last meeting, other than received two new checks
b. Have not billed yet. Will send out a bill that recommends that dues be paid at the March 5 meeting, and asks members to mark their calendars for the June 4 meeting.
c. 16 people and 1 HOA have paid 2020 dues.
d. Going to approach Le Meridien, Hyatt, Marriott and Homewood Suites for sponsorship. Will promote their sponsorship during the June 4 social.

3. New signature cards at Wells Fargo: Completed

4. Arlington County Civic Federation Annual Member Certification:
a. Have paid 2019-2020 dues of $50 for the Federation.

5. Vacation Application – Rosslyn Gateway – Site Plan #419
a. There will be a public hearing in March, but there is no date currently.

6. March 5 Meeting at Holiday Inn
a. Recognition of Hair Gallery sponsorship
b. Two presentations:
i. Bob Bushkoff, Dittmar (10-15 mins)
ii. Josh Bowden, Penzance (30 mins)
1. Proposed issues of discussion: a) public spaces, b) the park, c) retail, d) residential options

7. Marriott Project Update
a. The Marriott project will culminate in 2 apartment buildings where garage currently is and a smaller hotel. The project appears to be moving quickly towards approval and may start in 2020.

8. AMES Project Update: SPRC Meeting 2/24/20
a. There have been almost no changes since the December NRCA meeting presentation.
b. They are building the first 3 levels of parking at a sufficient strength to be converted to apartments. They are also developing the gas station so that it can be converted to commercial storefront.
c. They are in negotiations regarding the use of the sky bridges.
d. AMES looking to make a street-level entrance to the church.
e. Next meeting is April 20th in Room 301 at the Courthouse.

9. June 2020 Social Event
a. Currently plan to use the outdoor space at the corner of N Lynn and 19th. The affiliated bar is Amuse. Amuse/Le Meridien has offered to host the bar and BID will cover the food.
b. Ideal timing is 6:00-8:00pm.
c. The County has a liability policy that groups can buy when they hold an event. Need to check if will be required to purchase this and/or a one-time-use liquor license.
d. Alternate venue ideas:
i. The observation deck. Is free for Arlington residents, but they may charge for hosting events.
ii. The restaurant area of the Holiday Inn.
iii. Open spaces in the Nestle building.
iv. Putt-Putt space.
e. NRCA board members will talk to BID to clarify: structure, expectations, liability, and potential alternate venues. Need to keep in mind a rain site. A representative from Le Meridien should be present at this meeting, or at least the following ones.
f. Could potentially get Taco Rock, ROTI, or other local vendors to host food stands at the event.
g. The social could potentially serve as the first fall NRCA meeting (instead of the June meeting). The June meeting could alternatively include a conversation with the County on its application to be a “Biophilic City.” The June meeting could also have presentations on the recent biking study and Gateway Park dog park project.

10. Future Board meetings schedule
a. Proposed 2020 meeting dates: March 5 (confirmed), June 4 (confirmed), September 10 or 17, and November 19.
b. Will check if the Atrium Community Room is available for future meetings.
c. Also going to check if the H-B Woodlawn school will host a combined tour and meeting.
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