October 14, 2021 BOARD MINUTES
NRCA Board Meeting
Thursday, 14 October 2021
Zoom, 7:00pm
1. Welcome
2. Approval of Minutes
a. April 28, 2021 minutes approved
3. Treasurer’s Report – Rick
a. NRCA is in a strong cash position with $2,800 in the bank.
b. Membership declining, but Rick is working with Assembly as another potential sponsor.
c. NRCA needs to find ways to incentivize members to join. An in-person meeting would be ideal, especially in Assembly.
4. Local Updates
a. Many banks in the area have closed or are reducing their staff following the pandemic.
b. The Assembly now owns a large portion of the ground/1st floor area next to Gold’s Gym.
c. Gold’s Gym is not easily accessible via elevator, which is a problem.
d. The new CVS on Wilson Blvd has opened and the pharmacy within it will open soon too.
5. New Logo for Arlington County
a. The new county logo was selected (see below):

6. Rosslyn Metro Update
a. October 13, a train derailed between the Rosslyn and Arlington Cemetery stations. Thankfully no one was injured. News has yet to be released on why it derailed.
7. Turnberry Tower Issues with Equipment on Roof
a. One of the largest cranes on the East Coast will be used to change the air flow equipment on the roof of Turnberry Tower. The new product will be longer and heavier. Optimistically the project will take 7 days. The road (Ft. Meyer) will have to be closed to fit the crane. The Ft. Meyer entrance to the Turnberry parking garage will be closed for the duration of the project.
b. The board wonders how Dittmar construction and the crane will be able work simultaneously. There will be many road closures.
8. Next membership meeting will be hosted in early or mid-December
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