Board Meeting of March 4, 2006
North Rosslyn Civic Association (NRCA) Executive Committee Meeting - 3/4/06

This was an informal meeting for reporting on current activity.

Bill Maron, member NRCA board
Sara Melendez, North Rosslyn resident and citizen representative to the Rosslyn Business Improvement District
Jennifer Zeien, representative from NRCA to the Urban Design Committee of the Rosslyn Renaissance, also representative from Highgate Owners Association to NRCA
Anne Speisman, member NRCA board
Mark Antell, acting President, NRCA

Jennifer Zeien reported on the Urban Design Committee activities. She indicated that a report is due shortly on Central Place. There was considerable unease at our meeting on the current plan. The loss of park space, particularly the successful urban oasis park just north of McDonalds was not well received. The promise of some park space atop the new Central Place was questioned given that the same promise was given and immediately broken due to security concerns at the Rosslyn State Department Bldg. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
A very worthwhile report even if we didn't like what we heard.

Also we discussed a developer's petition to construct a substantial condominium at 1101 Lee Hwy (this is a roadlocked site just east of Key Bridge and north of the bicycle path). Local business, government, and residential parties all seem to oppose this, but it's not clear how it will play out.

Anne Speisman reported that she had begun a process of discussion with the Key Blvd. Apartments concerning renovation of their tot-lot just east of the community gardens.

Mark Antell reported that he and Stan Karson (head of the Radnor/Ft.Myer Heights Civic Association) are scheduled to meet Dave Foster, chair of the Arlington County Schoolboard, on Monday concerning plans for the Wilson School site.

Trends and Rumors Section
We're hearing some talk on the following:
-redeveloping Gateway Park,
-commercial development of the Wilson
School site, and,
-elimination of subsidized housing at
the Key Blvd. Apartments
No specific plans have emerged for any of these projects ... and yet. NRCA will insist on the earliest possible public notification and full discussion of any plans for development or redevelopment in our neighborhood.

The next NRCA general meeting is scheduled for April 27 at 7PM at the Wilson School. This will be an elections meeting.

Respectfully submitted, Mark Antell

Agenda for NRCA executive committee mtg, 3/4/2006

Anything happening?
Rosslyn BID - Sara Melendez
Rosslyn Renaissance Urban Design Committee, Highgate Board of Directors - Jennifer Zeien
Central Place and parks - anybody?
Key Blvd Apt totlot - Anne Speisman
Wilson School trailers - Mark Antell
Other stuff?

Upcoming events:
4/19 - Greenspace Committee at The Gallery (7PM)
4/27 - General/Election Meeting at Wilson School (7PM). Anyone care to work on this?
6/15 - General Meeting at The Gallery (7PM)
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