February 06, 2020 BOARD MINUTES
NRCA Board Meeting Notes
February 6, 2020


2.Elect Officers
a. President: Thomas Cooke
b. Vice President: Terri Prell
c. Asst. Vice President: Naomi Mercer
d. Treasurer: Rick Froehlich
e. Asst. Treasurer: Phil Schimmel
f. Secretary: Brittany Fried
g. Board Member: Sylvia Kendra

3.Treasurer’s Report
a. We currently have $2,400 in the bank. We would like to find a way to use this money for the community in the coming year.
b. There was a recurring charge for $25.98 in January. It was believed that this was a one-time charge, but it was labeled as recurring on the bank statement. In February we will assess if this truly is a recurring cost.
c. As of January 31, we have 13 paid members for 2020. There were 50 paid family members in 2019, most of who have not been solicited for 2020 contributions.

4.Discussion of Website, Facebook and Other Communication Vehicles
a. The link to the forum is: https://community.northrosslyn.org/eve Although the forum is our most active medium, it is difficult to access
b. There was discussion of transitioning the forum to Facebook, including a private Facebook group for the board.
c. Decision was made to reinstate the website. NRCA will have both the forum and website until it is decided which will be pursued.

5.Discussion of Spring Programming
a. Next quarterly meeting with be March 5, 2020. The one after that will be June 4, 2020. We technically have access to the Holiday Inn for both.
b. Proposed March 5 meeting plans:
i. Dittmar presentation to NRCA. Ideally, Turnberry, Georgetown Vista, Dakota, and Atrium board members will attend so this can serve as their meeting with the developer as well
ii. Penzance will present construction updates and intended final product images.
iii. Hair Gallery will present and be thanked for their ongoing contribution to NRCA.
c. Proposed June 4 meeting plans:
i. Host a NRCA Community Social at the space on the corner of N Lynn St and 19th St.
ii. Will potentially invite Salt, Open Road, and Taco Rock to join the social and cater food.
iii. Will invite the fire department and see if they will bring a truck for children.
iv. Will also invite Elim Tailors and Hair Cuttery to interact with community members.
d. Next NRCA Board Meeting will be held on February 25 or 26 to plan for the March 5 quarterly meeting.
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