NRCA Board Meeting of November 3, 2009
<Morton Friedman>

November 3, 2009

Attending: Antell (President), Derby, Friedman, Mulligan, Schaefer, Zeien

The meeting was called to order by Mark Antell at 7:05 PM.

Paul Derby moved to approve the amended minutes of the Board meeting of September 24;
Jennifer Zeien and Paul Mulligan seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

Paul Derby reviewed the financial status of the Association. The Association has sufficient
funds on hand to cover estimated expenses through April 2010, but cannot afford membership in
Rosslyn Renaissance (RR). Paul will contact RR to suggest a reciprocal membership
arrangement at the organizational level. Current dues of $10/year would permit the Association
to meet its obligations and expand ways of reaching residents if more of the potential members
of the Association joined.

The profit and loss statement and balance sheet of the Association are attached.

The Association and Board meetings next year will be held on the second Thursday of the
month. Association meetings will be held from 7:30-9:00 PM in February, May, September and
November. Board meetings will be held from 7:30-8:30 PM in April, June, October and
December. Elections will be held at the Association meeting in February, at which Bill Maron
can offer his candidacy for the Board to the membership for approval (Mark has since asked Bill
to do so).

Coverage during Mark’s absence this winter will be as follows:

• Heather Schaefer, with Mark’s assistance, will secure space and ensure that there will be
a program at the February general meeting

• The Civic Federation meeting in January will be attended by Paul Mulligan; the March
meeting will be attended by Paul Derby

• Mark will change the Association mailing address registered with Arlington County from
his home address back to the Association mailbox so that Paul Derby can distribute mail,
notices, site plans, etc. to the appropriate points of contact (POCs). Mark will change the
Association mailing address for Wilson School matters from his home address to Paul
Mulligan’s home address so that Paul will receive Wilson School related mailings
directly. The POCs are:

o Wilson School – Paul Mulligan
o General mailings to the Association – Paul Derby
o County notices (for distribution as appropriate) – Heather
o Planning and zoning - Jennifer

Jennifer reported on the Rosslyn height study, which is reviewing the criteria for additional
height beyond 300 feet in the area now designated CO-Rosslyn (a non-legal description of the
area, including the entirety of “downtown Rosslyn” plus the land along Wilson and Clarendon
Boulevards terminating approximately at the fire house parcel). Mark had previously appointed
Jennifer as NRCA representative, with Landis Jones as alternate, to the Long Range Planning
Committee that was established by the County’s Long Range Planning Commission (LRPC) for
this purpose. Both Jennifer and Landis attended the first meeting of the committee in October.
A second meeting of the committee will take place on November 5, and a third meeting to
conclude the work is contemplated prior to the end of the year, at which point their
recommendations will be given to the LRPC for approval by the County Board. NRCA is
participating in these meetings, but Jennifer noted that the opportunity for civic association input
to the process currently appears limited.

Paul Derby reviewed a variety of eyesores in the neighborhood. He has sent emails to Cushman
& Wakefield and Monday Properties regarding the vacant lot and exposed parking garage at the
1812 N. Moore site, but as of the date of the Board meeting had received no response (Paul
received a response from Andrew McGeorge of Monday Properties on November 5,
acknowledging his concerns and indicating that their “operational team walks the site several
times each week to ensure that the building site is safe and well kept”).

There are also some issues regarding Central Place, and code enforcement issues related to
inactive construction sites, that Paul will also pursue, because it may be several years before
construction resumes. One of these is a fallen fence, which constitutes a safety hazard (Paul
subsequently contacted Tom Miller, staff to the Arlington County Planning Commission,
regarding these issues; Tom will pass the information regarding the fallen fence on to JBG
Companies. The cognizant code enforcement official is Essie Corbin, and Tom will bring our
concerns to Essie’s attention. Paul also raised the notion that long-term inactive construction
sites constitute distressed properties). The most effective course of action is to file a complaint
with the County Board, which will roll it down to the code enforcement people via the County

Another issue is the exposed mechanical equipment on top of Turnberry Tower, which was
shown as covered in the original plans but is not covered now. Paul is seeking a determination
from Arlington County Planning that will require that the mechanical equipment atop Turnberry
be screened so that it cannot be seen from ground level public areas.

Per Mark and Paul Mulligan, an additional group of trailers are leaving their long-term location
behind the Wilson School. The Childhood Development Center (day care) is moving into the
school for at least eight months, and maybe into 2011. The Mongolian school will continue to
use the building too. Closure is unlikely as long as this level of utilization continues. Steve
Larsen of Arlington Public Schools indicated that the last row of trailers would likely be
removed at the conclusion of the CDC tenancy, but he did not state what the future plans were
for the field area.

Jennifer expressed concern regarding the Arlington Housing Commission (AHC) plans for the
Key Boulevard Apartments site, where a new structure is intended to replace the current garden
apartments. The details of the project are unknown and Mark is in the process of scheduling a
meeting of AHC representatives with the NRCA membership. The meeting will be scheduled
jointly with the Atrium. The basis for approving higher density is unclear, since the Atrium
“borrowed” density from the Key Boulevard site.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Mort Friedman
Ad hoc Secretary

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PDF DocNRCA_November_Financials.pdf (88 Kb, 754 downloads) NRCA November 09 Financials
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