June 8, 2020 BOARD MINUTES
NRCA Board Meeting
Monday, 8 June 2020
Zoom, 5:00pm
1. Approval of Minutes
2. Review of Treasurer’s Report (provided via email)
3. Discussion of ongoing construction in Rosslyn community
a. 1901 N Moore St. updates
b. SP #335, International place, 1735 N Lynn St rooftop terrace
c. SP #241, Potomac Towers, 1001 N 19th Street signage
i. NRCA has no opposition to the signage
d. Announcement that the BID Rosslyn Farmers Market will resume on June 10, 2020
4. Plan for upcoming community meeting
a. NRCA Board will attend the June 10, 2020 (2:00pm) Dittmar meeting and collect information. From there the NRCA Board will send an email blast to its membership with the Dittmar meeting information and with the link to the next NRCA Community Meeting
b. The next NRCA Community Meeting will be held on June 24, 2020 at 7:00pm via Zoom
5. Prepare questions for June 10, 2020 Dittmar Meeting
a. Where will workers park their cars and what will be the traffic flow?
b. How will the rats be accounted for during construction?
c. How will dust be minimized during construction?
d. What will be the hours of construction be? When can residents expect workers to be coming on and off site?
e. Where will the staging vehicles be, and what hours can they be expected on site? What routes will they take to and from the site?
f. Are there any plans for noise mitigation, especially while working inside the building, taking the building down, and carrying out the underground blasting?

6. Discussion of alternate ideas for the originally planned June social and H-B Woodlawn school tour
a. The postponed NRCA social would ideally take place in early fall, but will be dependent on COVID-19 developments
i. Even if hotels are unable to provide the same level of support for beverages and venue, there are potential alternatives. For instance, NRCA could purchase beverages (perhaps with one person pouring) and pre-wrapped/packaged food to maximize health and safety
b. NRCA will contact the H-B Woodlawn school principal to check on possibility of future a community school tour, based again on the COVID-19 situation
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