July 13, 2022 BOARD MINUTES
NRCA Board Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, July 13, 2022
7:30pm, Zoom

1. Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting

2. Treasurer’s Report
a. May 2022
i. NRCA got one new member in the month of May.
b. June 2022
i. NRCA got no new members in the month of June.
ii. Despite membership numbers being behind, NRCA has kept expenses tight so is doing okay financially.
iii. There is currently $2,266.96 in the NRCA account as of June 30.
iv. NRCA currently has 28 members. This was the same as in 2021, but is less than NRCA had in previous years. There has been a steady decline in membership since 2018.
v. One potential reason is NRCA did not proactively bill anyone this year, but asked people to come and pay dues at the December event.
vi. This year NRCA transitioned to Zelle instead of PayPal. It has no fee but is more difficult to send invoices.

3. Crestmont Apartment Development Project
a. Crestmont is a proposed housing project across from Queens Court. The designer is the same that as that of Turnberry.
b. According to Crestmont, the County has rezoned the NRCA area to mean all new buildings should be affordable housing. NRCA is going to inquire further into this.
c. Crestmont proposed that vehicles do not pull up to the curb, to increase parking through an underground option, and to develop a raised walkway along where the concrete wall goes up to Langston Boulevard. While NRCA board members thought these were positive proposals, the County is opposed to them.
d. The Queens Court apartments have not all filled yet, which is increasing the challenges for Crestmont approval. There was a recent article speaking about the “missing middle” in Arlington, meaning those at middle-income can no longer afford to live in the county. This is part of the reason there has been pushback against the Crestmont site.
e. The community garden off of Key Boulevard is technically listed on the site plan as a road. That property will not be sold.

4. R-DOGS Update
a. R-Dogs has a new director, Andrew Spell. He lives in the Belvedere.
b. There have been threats from the IRS to cancel R-Dog’s 501(c)(3) status, as there have been few donations from individuals other than Mary Ann herself.
c. The sector master plan does not include Gateway West – only Gateway East. R-Dogs is going to start a petition to include funding for Gateway West. Otherwise, it means the current dog park will not be a permanent dog park and will 10 years to become so. R-Dogs is also going to petition that money dedicated to the Holiday Inn Dittmar site be dedicated to Gateway Park.
d. Terri recommended Mary Ann place tear-off posters near the dog park so that people know this is not a county-run park and where they can donate. Rick recommended new membership emails highlight ways to donate.
e. Joe recommended finding ways to engage Rosslyn BID further with the dog park. BID has already written a letter of support for the dog park. Tom asked for a copy of this letter and said he will distribute it.
f. Last time Mary-Ann surveyed the area, there was a dog for every 7 households in the area. With the influx of apartments being built in the area, it likely means there will be a large increase in dogs, too.
g. Terri has advocated for every new building to have a space for pets to go outside but few have followed through with this.

5. Marriott Key Bridge Issues
a. Mary-Ann would like to consider proposing to the owners of the Marriott Key Bridge to turn the property into retirement housing.
b. The Marriott Key Bridge site is on the market but it is not being widely advertised.

6. Report from the BID event at The View of DC
a. It would be helpful to have business cards to hand out at events such as this. NRCA has not had cards before, though it previously had a flyer. Vistaprint and ForPrint are potential options to print cards.
b. Tom and Terri met many interested people at the event but were unable to get people to join as they did not have information (email, Zelle, etc.) readily available.
c. Brittany will draft a NRCA card.

7. Consideration of a Joint Civic Association Event
a. At the BID View of DC Event, Terri and Tom met with representatives from the other Rosslyn civic association, RAFOM. They do an annual event at the Top of the Town that gets a few hundred attendees and brings in good speakers. It is often around election time. There is also a holiday event to give food/gifts to low-income households. It would be good for NRCA to do a joint event with the other civic association to get more residents from North Rosslyn to attend. Ideally NRCA would support events the other civic association are already holding.
b. Joe suggested we strive to increase NRCA membership in the area, especially in the Pierce and other nearby buildings. This joint event may benefit those efforts.

8. New Business
a. The BID jurisdiction line goes down Nash, between Turnberry and the Dakota. For this reason, there is sometimes trash on one side of the road but not the other. The BID jurisdiction also does not go up Key Boulevard, which is why that road is often not looked after. NRCA board members have found that sending photographs of flooding, trash, etc. have made a big difference to encourage the County to take action.
b. After the conversation with Crestmont, NRCA should consider writing a letter to the County. The Board can vote on the letter via email before it is sent to the County.
c. NRCA can take advantage of the 5-minute speaking allowance at County meetings to further advocate for these issues (especially those of the Crestmont and R-Dogs).
d. RCA and AMES building timing has been pushed to the fall, likely October.

9. Upcoming Events:
a. Zoom with the Crestmont developers on July 14, 2022 at 6:00pm. NRCA board members will be present.

10. Meeting Adjourned
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