Board Meeting Minutes December 8, 2002
8 December 2002

Present: Ken Marcus
David Lubs
Paul Derby
John Seal
Stephanie Benefield

Absent: Mark Antell
Joe Famme

Ken Marcus called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.

(M) John Seal moved and David Lubs seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the 24 November 2002 Board meeting, as amended by email.

Ken Marcus sent a letter from the North Rosslyn Civic Association to the Arlington Civic Federation to apply for membership in the group. He received a letter from the membership chairperson, Francis Finta, saying that our application would be voted on at their next meeting, 7 January 2003 at the Arlington Hospital Hazel Conference room from 7:30 pm.

Ken Marcus reported on the Rosslyn Renaissance BID proposal which came before the Arlington County Board on Saturday, 7 December. As the representative of the North Rosslyn Civic Association, Ken Marcus mentioned the following three points:
(1) We agree with the BID proposal and believe it should be approved by the County;
(2) We believe the group should include resident involvement, specifically, representatives from the North Rosslyn Civic Association and the Radnor/Ft. Myer Civic Association should be included;
(3) There is some ambiguity in the BID Bylaws, but we believe that residents as well as businesses need to comment on the BID Business Plan in early 2003.

Ken Marcus contacted Stan Karson, President of the Radnor/Ft. Myer Civic Association who agreed to support us on #2 and #3. The BID proposal received support from only about 50 percent of the tax assessed units in the area although those units represent about 70 percent of the tax revenues.

Stephanie Benefield will contact the Arlington County office responsible for the Conservation Association membership to inquire how to send in a proposal and when the next meetings are scheduled so that we can become involved in the Arlington County Conservation activities.

(M) John Seal moved and Paul Derby seconded Stephanie Benefield as the temporary liaison to the Arlington County Conservation group where the North Rosslyn Civic Association should seek membership. David Lubs will support this activity.

Paul Derby showed photographs and explained how he produced the North Rosslyn Civic Associaiton website. He gave each of the Board members instructions in how to access and use the site.

(M) John Seal moved and David Lubs seconded approval for the North Rosslyn Civic Association to rent a post office box for correspondence.

The Board discussed the upcoming meeting for the Civic Associaiton scheduled for 26 January 2003 at 7:00 pm at the Atrium Community Room. We agreed to request Jim Pebbley as the speaker, to explain the conservation budget request process, and to ask the attendees for input on the issues they would like to pursue during 2003.

On 27 November 2002, Paul Derby met with the Assistant Superintendent of Wilson School. He obtained their agreement to repair the fence and they offered for our Civic Association to use their facility for Assocation meetings in the future.

The Board agreed to meet on 12 January 2003 at 7:00 pm at the Atrium Community Room.

The Board adjourned at 8:30 pm.
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Stephanie, one edit:

Fourth paragraph from the end, first sentence - "Association" is mispelled.

Otherwise, looks great.
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<Ken Marcus>
I may be mistaken, but my recollection is that voted decided during last meeting that subsequent board meetings would be run by consensus, rather than Robert's Rules. I believe the motion was by Paul Derby -- Paul, correct me if I am wrong about that -- and that it passed unanimously.
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