Board Meeting Minutes March 30, 2003
March 30, 2003

Present: Mark Antell
Stephanie Benefield
Paul Derby
David Lubbs
Ken Marcus

Absent: Joe Famme
John Seal

The President called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

Mark moved and Stephanie seconded a motion to approved the Board Meeting Minutes from the previous Board meeting, as posted on the North Rosslyn Civic Association (NRCA) website.

Paul gave the Treasurer's Report.

The NRCA needs $150 for the 501(c)3 filing. Ken Marcus offered to loan the NRCA this amount as an interest free loan payable when we receive dues from the next fifteen members.

Rosslyn Business Improvement Corporation (RBIC): The 25 member RBIC Board now is operating. Five members are being appointed by the Arlington County Board and two of the five will be from Civic Associations. Stan Karson has been appointed as the representative from the Radnor/Ft. Myer Civic Associaiton and Ken Marcus has been asked to provide resumes for two or three candidates from the NRCA. Paul moved and Mark seconded submiting the resumes of John Seal, Stephanie Benefield and Ken Marcus for consideration to fill one of the RBIC Board slots.

Wilson School: Paul and Mark met with the Principal of Langley School, Mike Day, and Mr. Randolf. At the meeting, Paul and Mark challenged the basketball courts in use every afternoon, asked to have the trailers removed, requested light bulbs be replaced in the park next door, and that the broken glass and tree stump be cleaned up. They also requested a long term (two year) plan to demolish the school after the Glebe School and the Nottingham School finish using it for the next eighteen months.

Civic Federation: David agreed to attend the next Civic Federation meeting since Stephanie, the usual representative, will be out of town.

Parking: Paul made several efforts which resulted in a change in the parking time limit from two hours to one hour on Ode Street. Mark will call Steven Bridget with an offer for the Georgetown Vista to rent spaces to construction teams working in this area.

Paul moved, David modified, and Mark seconded a motion that the NRCA endorses converting the south side of 19th Street between Ode Street and Colonial Terrace to 24 hours Zone 4 parking.

13 April General Meeting: NRCA will request Dave Foster and the Principal of the Glebe School be our speakers on 13 April at the next General Meeting. Future speakers might include Mary Whipple, Virginia State Senator, and Barbara Favola, the Arlington County Board Vice Chairman. The next meetings might also include a political debate and Candidates Night before the November elections, perhaps in mid-September or early November.

Quarterly Board meetings: The Board decided to designate the second Sunday evening of May, August and November as the regular Board Meeting dates.

Membership: The Board decided that all members will be responsible for encouraging new members to join the NRCA.

At 8:25 pm, David moved and Mark seconded a motion for the meeting to adjourn.
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