The general proposal and some details
River Place

"¢ Estimated Project Cost: $609.5 million.

"¢ Location: Rosslyn. It is a 14.6-acre site defined by Route 50, Route 110 and North Lynn Street. It is immediately north of Arlington National Cemetery and the Marine Corps Memorial. River Place is developed with four residential towers. The site has views of the Washington Monument and the monumental core.

"¢ Details: The site is 11/2 blocks from the Rosslyn Metro station (Orange and Blue lines) and not far from the Arlington Cemetery Station (Blue Line). It is projected that 35 percent to 40 percent of fans arriving to games at the River Place site would come by Metro.

"¢ Parking: Parking at River Place would be provided by a 2,000-car garage partially under the Great Lawn and partially under a potential Arlington County conference center (for premium ticket-holders). On-street parking for about 800 cars exists in the area. Approximately 5,000 existing garage spaces are within a 3/4-mile radius -- these are office garages that would principally be empty during game times. Operational use agreements for event parking are proposed on a building-by-building basis. Additional area improvements are proposed for water and sewer systems, streets (intersections and turning lanes), highways (interchanges and access ramps) and storm drainage.


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Today's Alexandria/Arlington Extra of The Washington Post (April 10, 2003) cover feature "Play Ball! But Where?" reviews possible Northern Virginia sites for a major league baseball stadium should a franchise be awarded in the Washington DC area. Rosslyn is one of the most favored locations.

I have mixed feelings about this. As a baseball fan and daughter of a major league player, I'd probably go to lots more games than I do now. But as a homeowner, I am uneasy about the impact on the quality of my daily life and on the economic impact of the investment I have in my residence. I wonder, too, what the longterm economic effects on Arlington County would be.
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I think the baseball stadium location should be a major topic for our Association. I agree there are both pros and cons to the Rosslyn location, although I tend to think that the cons outweigh the pros in terms of traffic, parking, noise, congestion and litter. There is also the problem of the air traffic overhead.

The Radnor Fort Myer Heights Civic Association (RAFOM) is having a meeting on the proposed stadium with speakers on Tuesday, April 22, at 7:00 PM. It will be held at the Prospect House Basement Meeting Room. We are welcome to attend. There will be a vote of the RAFOM Association taking a position on the Rosslyn stadium site.
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The proposed stadium is an urban disaster: it would take people off the streets when there is no game and bring masses of people as well as cars in whenever there is a game. It should be scrapped.
Vojtech Mastny
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Seems like it could be good. I'm interested in learning more as the issue progresses...
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This issue died a long time ago, with the stadium being built in downtown DC instead.
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