AHC Meeting with Rosslyn Mews Residents Last Night
Dear All:

AHC met last night with residents of Rosslyn Mews and others in the community interested in the proposed redevelopment of Key Boulevard Apartments. Some additional design work had obviously been done since the meeting last year with NRCA, but the basic theme of a lot-line to lot-line doughnut-shaped building has not changed much. There has been a minor concession to reduce the facade to 6 stories (70 feet) on the Eastern facade, facing the Mews. Garage entrance and loading docks are still on the 19th St. side. The building is expected to front directly onto a 15-foot wide sidewalk with no landscaping at all (except perhaps street trees in pits?), which is totally out of character with the neighborhood. They said Arlington County wants this in order to "activate the street." Since the building will have no retail, it is unclear where this activation is supposed to come from. The South-facing entrance will probably be a broiler in the summer.

The developer also explained how it has arrived at the density it projects for the site. Sixty units are allowed by right and 130 units result from density transferred from their property called "Gates of Ballston" somewhere over on Glebe Road (where they could build an additional 75 units beyond those already on the Ballston site), for a total of 190 units. On top of this, they are eligible for a 25% bonus because of the affordable housing contribution, bringing the site total to 225 units.

Note the schedule the developers indicate on slide 16. They offered to meet again only after their final plans have been prepared and submitted, that is, after the 4.1 application has been filed with the county. According to the developers, the plan will not require rezoning or amendment to the General Land Use Plan and is essentially "by right." Following the 4.1, the typical route towards approval is review by Rosslyn Renaissance, review by the Site Plan Review Committee, review by the Planning Commission, review by the Transportation Commission and then submittal to the County Board.

I was unable to enclose a scan of the presentation given at the meeting because the file size was deemed too large. If you would like me to send you a copy, please email me.

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