Yet another Site Plan Meeting for AHC's Redevelopment Proposal
Peter Schulz, the CPHD planning staff member assigned to Key Blvd, indicates that there will be one final site plan meeting on Key Blvd. Apartments on Sept. 29 at 8:30. An announcement will go out one week before the meeting. This meeting will be a wrap-up mostly dealing with the issue of open space. Peter hopes that we won’t get into construction details though AHC may present a new skin for the building. Of course, a new skin changes nothing with regard to NRCA’s objections to the AHC proposal.

The planning staff will not support AHC’s proposal before the County Board and the AHC folks know that. Still AHC is lobbying individual county board members in hopes of getting their proposal approved. AHC is insisting that they be heard. All along the county staff has hoped that AHC would withdraw their proposal. No such luck!

There will be an HRLB meeting on Oct 15th. That’s for historic review of the plan. Planning Commission and County Board meetings will follow in November. Peter will give us those dates at the site plan meeting.
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