Action plan and meeting May 6th
<Brad Nierenberg>
Why should the Neighborhood care about the proposed development of the Key Blvd Apartments?

A company called AHC, Inc. is submitting plans for an 8-story apartment complex at 1545 Key Blvd (Key, N. Ode and 19th Street).
They are planning on having the parking garage entrance on 19th St. The complex will have 225 total units (200 more cars). If county approval is obtained, construction is planned to begin in January 2012 and is scheduled to last for at least 2 years.

There also was a recommendation to AHC that would affect the community garden.

1. The plan was to move the garden between the new apartment building and the Rosslyn Mews. This will uproot the garden for a minimum of two years.

We are trying to rally as much opposition to the key areas of this development that will greatly affect the life of the community. The Three points we will be trying affect:

1. The Density (Height and # of units) they are actually proposing to transfer density from Ballston. If they don’t get the density transferred they would not be able to build more than 61 units vs. the 220 they are proposing. We are hoping to get them to reduce the floors they are proposing to build.

2. Setbacks we are asking for them to be increased from the proposed 10 feet.

3. Parking garage entrance we are asking for the buildings entrance to be on Key Blvd not 19th St.

Our next meeting is at 7:30 at the Atrium to discuss the action plan. We will be communicating to everyone that has given his or her information’s to us as information is available, we will be posting here on the NRCA website as well.

We are looking for you to sign a petition. From there your participation will be up to you. We will share with you news and the different ways you can plug in to the cause.

Please join us! Thank you for your time

If you are willing to sign the petition please email fightoverdevelopment@gmail.com your contact information

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