Northrup Gruman's request to place a blue-lit sign on Wilson Blvd
<Ken Marcus>

The County has requested our comments ASAP -- which I would ask that you provide no later than tomorrow (Thursday December 20) -- regarding Northrup Gruman's request to place a blue-lit sign on 1000 Wilson Bouldevard which would measure 3.75 feet high and 84 feet long with 315 square feet. By way of comparison, USA's sign at the same location measured 5.5 feet high and 44.7 feet long, totaling 246 square feet. These are all the details we have, and the County has asked for our collective civic association input. Please provide me with any comments by Thursday night so that we can appropriately communicate with the County on this issue.

I am in favor of this proposal
I have concerns about this proposal
I am NOT in favor of this proposal

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<David Lubs>
I think the height is the key issue. The old sign never bothered me. Since the new sign will be lower, it should not be a problem, even though it will be longer.
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It is hard to imagine what the sign will look like, but philosophically, I don't have a problem with this proposal. Hopefully, it will be in good to moderate taste.
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I can not really picture the sign, but basically the idea seems fine with me.
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<Ken Marcus>
In addition to the comments posted above, I have received a number of other observations from throughout our neighborhood. The majority have been quite favorable, although a couple of neighbors are concerned about the size, color and style of the proposed signs.

Landis Jones emailed to indicate his view that the sign could improve the building's apprearance, writing that: "I for one have no problem in identities being given to those two towers. Bland facades need to be broken up on occasion, and I have missed the old logos and the departures their absence signified."

Similarly, Vojtech Mastny expressed his view that the sign would be appropriate to its site, writing, "I have no problem with the sign as such or its size. It is in a commercial area and legitimate advertising is part of what makes such an area lively. Where would be Times Square without similar sort of advertising? Besides, the sign will attract attention to the two buildings that are architecturally the most distinctive and imaginative in all of Rosslyn."

Bill Maron simply wrote to say that he "think[s]the sign is ok."

On the other hand, John Benton is concerned about the proposed sign's height, writing, "It's too big! 1000 Wilson is a far smaller building than USA Today Building. This is only a foot in the door for every other major business in Rosslyn to ram through sign pollution."

Similarly, Sally Baker wrote to express her concern about the sign's color and style: "Reckon I'm opposed to blue-lit signs; would like to see our neighborhood have class, style and restraint of large signage. It's becoming too much like NYC."

I really appreciate the time and attention of all who shared their views with me. I will convey them to the appropriate county officials.

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<Ken Marcus>
Northrup Grumman's counsel has contacted North Rosslyn to inform us that they now want to locate the new, proposed Northrup Grumman sign on the northeast side of the 1000 Wilson Blvd. building, rather than the northwest side of the building (as was previously approved). The change does not appear problematic to me, and most North Rosslyn members who weighed in on the sign earlier did not seem to be troubled by it. Please let us know if you have any concerns about this proposed change.
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