Message/Plan from "Preservation Arlington"
NRCA members,

See below a message about saving Wilson School from "Preservation Arlington."

They request that Arlingtonians 'like' a Facebook page "Save Wilson School;" and they request your approval of an online petition to the County Board.

Mark Antell

Good evening:

We would like to share with you two important links that we hope you will share with your greater community.

First, a Facebook page has been created called "Save the Wilson School" -- it is important that people like this page and show the great interest in preserving the school...


Second, a change.org petition for saving the school has been started. This petition will be delivered directly to the Arlington County Board and the Arlington County School Board. The petition asks for the preservation and restoration of the school building. It also supports open space and affordable housing on the site -- a solution where everyone wins.


I hope you will consider sharing these important links with your community.

As of July 24, the Western Rosslyn Study Group has not yet been formally announced. We understand that there is a great deal of work to be done. We want to be out there in front to remind people and raise awareness of this important community landmark.

Thank you for your support.

Preservation Arlington
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