poll: initial questions regarding Wilson School
Hello Everyone,

As you know, Paul Mulligan and I are the community representatives to the Building Level Planning Committee (BLPC) for the proposed Wilson School. Several meetings have taken place to date which have been very informative.

Some themes have begun to emerge that we would like greater input from NRCA membership into in order to represent the will of our community. Please take a few minutes to provide some feedback so that we can better represent the NRCA.

We would like to refer you to a presentation made by the architects at the most recent BLPC meeting. Please see the following link:


Please note that the questions are intended only to gauge community interest and are for informational purposes only and have very well not have relevance for the construction of the new school.

Thanks in advance for your response. Please encourage fellow members of NRCA to reply!


Carroll Colley

What is your impression of the initial concepts presented by the BIG architectural firm regarding potential design for the new Wilson School (NOTE: please see the link above for some design concepts. Also please note that these are concepts and no design has been suggested or approved)

Strongly approve of the general direction of the architect
Strongly disapprove of the general direction of the architect
I do not have a strong opinion about the general direction of the architect.

Currently the old Wilson School is located along Wilson Boulevard. There has been some conversation about constructing the new school along 18th Street with a playing field effectively "in front" of the school along Wilson Boulevard in order to maximize potential solar energy benefits.

Do you prefer that the new school be constructed along Wilson Boulevard (with the playing field behind the school)?

I prefer that the new school be build along Wilson Boulevard
I prefer that the new school be built along 18th Street (with the playing field along Wilson Blvd)
I do not have a strong opinion.

Would you prefer that the playing field at the new school be grass or turf? Please bear in mind that natural grass fields are not allowed to be used when wet, and the grass can often be worn by heavy use and may not be replanted for long periods of time.

I strongly prefer grass.
I strongly prefer turf.
I am open to either.

HB-Woodlawn has one officially sanctioned sport, ultimate frisbee. Do you feel that the school should have a regulation size ultimate frizbee field (which could have potential implications for Highlands Park)?

Yes, I believe that the new school should have an official regulation size playing field.
No, I do not believe that the new school site should have an official regulation size playing field.
I do not have a strong opinion either way.

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