Two meetings on Wilson, Tuesday 6/17
-At 6:30 PM (correction of previous note indicating 7PM) Mark will ask the Arlington County Board to provide basic instruction to staff on their vision for the Wilson School site.

-The Arlington Public School Board has developed a vision for the Wilson site, they want to use it as an elementary school. But they are reconsidering that vision during their meeting on Tuesday evening. We strongly support the current vision, because it preserves the School and restores the playground. Do consider coming out to speak in favor of Saving Wilson School. Wilson School is action Item #4, and is likely to come up around 9 or 10 PM. For those who might join us, turn on your TV to the APS public access channel. The meeting is broadcast live so you can see how they're coming along on the agenda.
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Quick report on last week's School Board and County Board Meetings.

The School Board maintained its commitment to try to preserve Wilson School for elementary education. A few Arlington citizens stood up to thank them.

The County Board meeting by contrast, was disappointing. During the 'public comment' period I reported that County staff are secretly negotiating development of some of the Wilson parcel.
Most board members did not respond to my complaint. But one board member, and the county manager, pretty much said, "Okayyyy, and your problem would be...? I mean we're going to have public hearings - someday."
It appears that they've taken lessons at the G. Dubya Bush Jr. school of government management. Hopefully we, the electorate, have 'had it' with that philosophy of rule.
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I remind you that I brought Republican Mike McMenaman to you NRCA meeting because he stood to defend Wilson School. YOU all voted for the Democrat Board thatplans to RUN Over you ... and then you stupidly blame on the president. Welcome to the Peoples republic of Arlington. You deserve another 30 story building on the site of Wilson School and YOUR county board will oblige. Joe
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