A Little GreenSpace to Be Restored.
1/3 of the trailers sitting on the Wilson playfield have not been used for over a year. Those unused trailers will be removed and the green space restored. This is small progress; but definitely a welcome change in the right direction.

Here's the incoming from Alison Denton of APS:

Hi Mark and Stan,

I wanted to give you an update on the relocatables at the Wilson School. As you know, we currently have three relocatable sections on site. Since the School Board was able to work out the relocation of the Arlington Mill High School Continuation program to a new location on Fairfax Drive, APS has determined that we can release the 5 relocatable classrooms making up the easternmost section on the playfield. (The two larger complexes that house The Children's School and Integration Station will remain.)

APS will begin work this week to prepare the units to be dismantled. Our contractor will be on site the week of Nov 10-14 to dismantle and prep the units. They will be trucked off-site the week of Nov 17th. During the removel process, traffic along 18th St. may be disrupted at times.

We will be working with the Arlington police to ensure as little disruption as possible. Once the units are removed, APS grounds crew will re-landscape the vacated area.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions. Please share this information with your civic associations.

Thanks, Alison

Alison A. Denton
Facilities Planner/GIS Specialist
Arlington Public Schools
2770 S Taylor St
Arlington, VA 22206
703.228.7741 phone
703.671.2959 fax
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I questioned APS staff today concerning the eastmost row of trailers. You know, the area that now looks like an industrial dumpsite.

Steve Larson, a senior engineer in APS facilities, tells me that the eastmost row of trailers should be removed by next week. APS will followup with greenspace remediation after that.

A couple of reminders:
-Next NRCA meeting 3/5, 7:30 PM, at the Atrium.
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