NRCA Residential Property Demographics 1999-2013
A mix of Town homes, Side by Side units, condominiums and apartments make up the majority of housing units in North Rosslyn.

Our housing density accelerated rapidly during the last 10 years with the construction of the Archstone Apartments, Turnberry Tower and Waterview.

As of September 2013, we have 1,749 housing units within our boundaries serving as homes to approximately 3,500 residents. North Rosslyn Residents contribute over $9.9 million in tax revenue either directly as owners or indirectly through rent. These taxes are divided between Arlington County Government and Arlington County Public Schools. The average housing unit pays $5,673 a year, $472.75 a month, in real-estate taxes.

More detailed demographics of NRCA housing showing the various associations and apartments, addresses, numbers of units by type of housing, 1999 taxes paid and 2013 taxes paid are compiled in the attached document.

This document was distributed at the Sept 19, 2013, NRCA Member meeting.

PDF DocNRCA_Demographics.pdf (31 Kb, 319 downloads) NRCA Demographics
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