VZW Cell Device on Dominion Roof
NRCA Vice President
All - below is a message from the County for feedback on a Verizon cell device on the roof of 1850 N Moore St. It is really small (only a few feet tall) and non intrusive. In the application it states "the installation of this telecommunications facility would 'address potential system performance issues' and the small cell network is designed to improve coverage in the County."


I wanted to provide you with some information on one of the applications I am currently reviewing that is located in Rosslyn. This application is a request to install a small cell telecommunications facility, located at 1850 N. Moore Street (rooftop of the Dominion Substation). I have attached the use permit application and drawings for your review.

Staff will be recommending that the County Board defer consideration of this telecommunications facility at the February 25, 2017 hearing until the April 22, 2017 County Board hearing. The applicant is going to meet with staff to discuss potential design alternatives for the site. If any of the information regarding this application changes prior to the April 22nd hearing, I will contact you with the revised materials. If possible, please let me know if there are any issues or concerns with this use permit request by Friday, March 24, 2017.

Location Details:
Telecommunications Facility: Rooftop of the Dominion Substation
Use Permit #: SP-18-U-16-1
Address: 1850 North Moore Street (shown below, image from Google maps)
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