Realize Rosslyn County Board vote 7/22
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The development community has lobbied very strongly for carte blanche in order to maximize their perceived financial benefits for their individual sites. The community, I believe, is correct that through a great long-term vision and its gradual implementation, Rosslyn, and Arlington at large, will see much greater economic value "realized" in Rosslyn. A great place will attract people, business, and even development. But if we leave it to the piecemeal whims of each developer, we'll fail to create a cohesive and compelling place.

There are a few things in Rosslyn that once lost, can never be achieved again. If we over-build Rosslyn to the detriment of open space, views and daylight, the built environment will never pull back to reestablish those features.

Here are a few of the points that should be made at the Wed. Board meeting:

1. Building heights should be lowered and codified in the zoning ordinance [note: one reason to ask for lower heights is simply to remind the board that while the development community wants to push heights higher, the plan in fact is a compromise between the community and developer]
2. Density cap of 10.0 should be inflexible.
3. More/better enforcement tools to achieve the use mix of 25 percent residential should be included. A study group should be created to identify tools.
4. The observation deck views should be well defined and protected. Views of the monumental core, National Cathedral, and other important sites should be visible in context and not only in isolation.

Several community members have been working on this along with Katie Elmore, ex-resident.
Below is the link to the entire plan for you to look at.

This will be the last chance for you to give your views to the County Board before the plan is adopted.
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Good points. FYI, the vote is tomorrow, Tuesday, 7/21 (not 7/22) link here: http://arlington.granicus.com/...ew_id=2&event_id=784
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Just to clarify, there are two separate County Board meetings regarding the two planning processes - Tuesday evening (7/21) is on WRAPS (Western Rosslyn plan) and Wednesday (7/22) is the Realize Rosslyn Sector Plan discussion and vote.
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