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Holiday Inn Redevelopment/Urban Design Committee
Hi all. A brief general overview of Dittmar's plans for redevelopment of the Holiday Inn was a topic at the recent BID Urban Design Committee (UDC) meeting. Notes from the meeting follow (Holiday Inn discussion is item B):

Rosslyn Urban Design Committee (UDC)
Key Takeaways from September 13, 2018 Meeting

A. UDC Task Force Report.
Task Force Co-Chairs Cy Kouhestani and David Van Duzer reported out on the conclusions of a Task Force convened to re-think the role, membership and process of the UDC. The reconstituted UDC is intended to be less reactive and more proactive in helping to ensure that development in Rosslyn implements the vision and guiding principles of the Rosslyn Sector Plan (“Realize Rosslyn). NRCA was represented on the Task Force by Lenore Yaffee Garcia.The full task force report will also be uploaded to the NRCA Forum. Key recommendations include:

1. Collaborate with developers during concept design, encouraging early and ongoing feedback that also ensures confidentiality of sensitive projects -- Meet with developers prior to formal application to evaluate the project and encourage incorporation of earlier feedback. Submit recommendations to the BID Board.
2. Identify and prioritize the needs of Rosslyn stakeholders. Advance clear and balanced neighborhood priorities without engaging in specific negotiations.
3. Introduce 2-year terms (no limit on renewals) to promote fresh perspectives and engaged membership.
4. Assure balanced civic association and developer representation. Provide for stakeholder participation outside of UDC voting members -- Invite engagement, both inside and outside of UDC meetings, with local restaurateurs, retailers, renters, younger participants, businesses (small and large) and BID Board members to identify community needs.
5. Invite engagement with appropriate County liaisons from the departments that touch the development process.
6. Develop a UDC work plan with annual goals.

The Task Force also drafted a Mission Statement for the UDC:

Mission Statement: The Urban Design Committee (UDC) of the Rosslyn Business Improvement District (BID) is a diverse group of Rosslyn stakeholders that advances the vitality, livability and economic sustainability of Rosslyn in collaboration with the BID, developers and County staff. The UDC provides distinct insight into community needs and creative solutions for urban design, parks and open space, placemaking and transportation that realize the vision, guiding principles and goals of the Sector Plan.

B. Holiday Inn Redevelopment.

Property owner Dittmar Co. gave a brief general overview of the project (no plans or renderings publicly available yet). Developer will give a more detailed and formal presentation to the UDC in an upcoming meeting this fall.

This will be a mixed-use building consisting of two towers (36 stories and 26 stories tall) over a common podium. The 4-star hotel tower will contain approximately 327 hotel rooms and 20,000 square feet of event and meeting space and a full-service restaurant. (The Holiday Inn currently has 307 rooms and 15,000 sq ft of event space). Entrance and exit to the hotel will be on Ft. Myer Drive. The apartment tower will contain approximately 490 rental apartments and amenities including a gym. (Entrance to the apartments would be on N. Nash Street – something to follow closely.)

A rough timeline would begin the review process this fall with construction taking three years beginning in 2020/2021. Planned hotel opening in 2024 if no delays are encountered. The developer expects to schedule multiple meetings with interested stakeholders including civic associations and the UDC. It will be important for NRCA to engage and to provide input based on residents’ views and the project’s adherence to the height, FAR, design, setback and other guidelines of the adopted Rosslyn Sector Plan.

C. BID Updates
Transportation Study public meeting October 2, 4:30-7:30 p.m.
Best Western project first SPRC meeting September 17, 7:00 p.m.

D. NEXT UDC MEETING Thursday, October 11, 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Submitted by NRCA Rep to the UDC Lenore Yaffee Garcia with thanks to alternate candidate Terri Prell and to notes on a prior Holiday Inn presentation by Turnberry’s Mary O’Connell.
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