General Meeting Minutes, March 20, 2014
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North Rosslyn Civic Association
General Meeting
March 20, 2014

The general meeting, held in the Turnberry Tower Social Room, was called to order by President Jennifer Zeien at 7:30 PM. Board members in attendance were Jennifer Zeien, Paul Derby, Katie Elmore, Mark Antell and Sylvia Kendra. There were a total of about 35 attendees.

1. Paul Derby distributed copies of the Treasurer’s report and encouraged those in attendance to become members of NRCA.

2. Minutes of the January General meeting and the February Board meeting were distributed by Sylvia Kendra and approved by NRCA members in attendance.

3. Katie Elmore updated the group on the Site Plan Review Committee (“SPRC”) meetings for the sites at 1400 Key Blvd / 1401 Wilson Blvd. There were no changes from the last meeting, and Katie brought a copy of the latest draft site plan and made it available to those in attendance.

4. Jennifer Zeien told the group that the first SPRC meeting for AHC, Inc.’s proposed redevelopment of Key Boulevard Apartments would be held Monday March 24. She would be representing NRCA at the meeting. Several members of NRCA, representing their condo and townhome associations, also would be members of the SPRC for this redevelopment.

5. Mark Antell reported on Wilson School and positions on the matter of candidates for county board, based on their responses to a question he posed at the joining RAFOM/NRCA Candidates’ Night held earlier in the week. He also gave a brief update on the activities of “Friends of Gateway Park.”

6. Katie Elmore reported on the NRCA Happy Hour held at Amuse. She was planning a second happy hour for late April 24, at 6:30 at Heavy Seas. A reminder will be posted on the NRCA website.

7. Paul Derby distributed and discussed his analysis of taxes paid to the county and to the BID organized by development. The message is that Rosslyn residents get very little return on the investment they are making in Arlington County, despite enormous increases in property taxes during the last decade and a burgeoning population.

8. Anthony Fusarelli, Arlington County and Ben Carlson, Goody Clancy, presented the Realize Rosslyn Daft Framework. Realize Rosslyn The Realize Rosslyn team then took questions from those in attendance.

Questions and concerns of North Rosslyn residents, and responses, included:

• Transportation – Arlington County will manage transportation issues, separately, through their established transportation committees. Full schedule is on the Arlington County website: Arlington County Transportation
• Use of the Final Plan – The final sector plan update will serve as guide that will be used by planners for many years to come, however, it will not be codified. As circumstances in the area change, those changes will be incorporated into the plan.

• The county wants to have some flexibility in the sector plan once it begins to age, and make adjustments as area conditions change.

• Concern for adjacent areas – Orchestration between this plan and other plans, notably the West Rosslyn Area Planning Study (“WRAPS”), which is to study a number of important parcels adjacent to the Realize Rosslyn study area including the Wilson school and ball field, fire station, and Rosslyn Highlands park.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sylvia Kendra
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