Association Minutes for January 16, 2006
Draft Minutes of North Rosslyn Community Association - meeting of January 16

This was an informal meeting to plan how to restart the association. Present were:
Bill Maron, acting President NRCA
Paul Derby, treasurer and web-master NRCA
Mark Antell, early activist in NRCA

It was decided that:

NRCA should reconstitute itself. A small ongoing organizational structure is necessary, not for decision making, but rather to provide a mechanism for community activists to discover issues, find other activists, and develop concensus for helpful programs.

To this end we should call for a new round of dues payment for 2006, plus call for an organizational meeting to develop committees for work in this year. Obvious committees include:
> Maintenance of public facilities including parks, crosswalks, metro.
> Greenspace including a dogrun
> Making Rosslyn a destination rather than just a transit hub
> Dealing with increased urbanization including upcoming large developments and changes in zoning.

Until we hold an organizational meeting, the following ad-hoc responsibilities were accepted:
> Bill, acting president
> Paul, acting treasurer and web-master
> Mark, acting secretary

The organizational meeting publicity will be handled via Email to our previous membership, plus via leaflets. Bill and Paul to cooperate with Bill handling leaflets and Paul handling Email. Mark will talk to the administration at Wilson Elementary about our use of the school facilities.

At the organizational meeting we should also lay out plans for election of officers for 2006.

Mark Antell
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