Association Minutes for April 27, 2006
Minutes of the North Rosslyn Civic Association
4/27/06 - Meeting at Wilson School, 8PM

A brief editorial from the acting President.
A good meeting but the ratio of complaint to volunteer was a bit high. NRCA can't do anything. People/volunteers make things happen. NRCA just provides a vehicle for that to happen.

1. Minutes of 2/16 were read. There were no objections; alas, we forgot to vote to accept them. 10 NRCA members were present. Our membership is increasing. We're now at about 3 dozen members.

2. Elections were held for three open, three year, positions on the board.
Mark Antell, Anne Speisman and George Livingston were elected by acclamation.

3. Status Reports
- Rosslyn Heights Playground. ˜School use only' signs were removed and replaced with name and address of the park.
-Metro station maintenance now reports to NRCA on activity. Maintenance is much improved over past year.
-Wilson School future. NRCA has expressed to the school board, the residents' wish for restoring the park/green space. About a dozen members of NRCA wrote (to Mark Antell) about their hopes for this space. All but one unambiguously called for restoration of the playground.
-Central Place. The Rosslyn Working Group was meeting at the same time as NRCA. We look forward to reports on this from Stan Karson (RAFOM) and Jennifer Zeien (North Rosslyn resident) on this.
- Key Blvd Apartments Tot Lot. This tot lot is in pretty decrepit condition. Mark and Anne are working on this. Alita Clayton expressed interest in also working on this.

4. Other items
-Parking. Is there going to be guest parking?
-Trash bins on the sidewalk. Contact county.

Minutes submitted by Sara Melendez and Mark Antell
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