Association Minutes for October 26, 2003
October 26, 2003

The President called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm.

Ken Marcus gave the President's Report which included the following:
1. there will be one more general meeting this year which may focus on the Arlington County Police and the Code Enforcement representatives;
2. one person will be resigning from the Board of Directors, Mr. David Lubbs, so we request volunteers to fill that seat;
3. one representative to the Civic Federation, Mr. David Lubbs, will be resigning, so we request volunteers to fill that seat.

Joe Famme moved and Vanice Famme seconded a move to approve the previous General Meeting Minutes for May 4, 2003 as posted on the North Rosslyn Civic Association website. The motion passed unanimously.

Paul Derby gave the Treasurer's Report. We currently have 80 members, and we need to start collecting the ten dollar dues for 2004 soon.

Ken Marcus introduced the candidates for the Arlington County Board, Mr. Paul Ferguson, Mr. Richard Kelsey, Ms. Sarah Sommerville, and Mr. Walter Tajada.

Each candidate gave a five minute introduction.

The floor was opened for questions:
1. Ken Marcus expressed concern about the small number of open public spaces in Rosslyn;
2. David Lubbs asked about the issues of bonus density and affordable housing;
3. Joe Famme raised the issue of the Woodmont Center and care for the MRDD Community in Arlington;
4. Bobbye Pratt asked about the widening of I-66;
5. Bill Murray asked about the possible development of Washington and Lee High School;
6. Paul Derby asked about working with the developers on construction schedule times;
7. Mark Antell brought up the issue of the Wilson School park which is not available for recreation with the trailers currently parked in that area.

The candidates made closing statements of two minutes each.

The President adjourned the meeting at 9:15 pm.
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