Draft Minutes of Association Meeting - 9/19/2013
Draft Minutes of NRCA general meeting of September 19, 2013, Atrium meeting room.

Jennifer Zeien, President NRCA, brought the meeting to order at 7:30
She provided the following news concerning the several active and semi-active development sites in our neighborhood:

- Access to metro. The escalator from the Skywalk will be permanently shutdown soon. The escalator is something most of us in this neighborhood use. The elevators near the McDonalds will soon open. No progress on improving the surface pathway from our area to metro.

- 1400 Key. Includes a substantial change in access to metro for many of us. Concern that it’s not to our benefit.

-Key Boulevard apartments. Still on AHC's list for redevelopment, though renovations are being done to existing units.

- Central Place. Monday Properties plans to start the residential tower shortly. This is a change from previous expectations. The residential tower is not the one with the observation deck.

- Colony House. No news.

- 1812 N. Moore. Should open by end of year, but no anchor tenant as yet.

- Rosslyn Gateway. No news.

- Rosslyn Plaza SPRC has concluded, now before the planning commission.

- Wilson School. One person was ticketed for using the Wilson Playfield to run their dog. There appears to be a general pattern of official neglect, and official obstruction against citizen use of the Wilson Playfield.

- The ‘Realize Rosslyn’ and the ‘West Rosslyn Area Planning Study’ are holding events*. The latter is limited to the Wilson School area. The next 'Realize Rosslyn' meeting is September 25 and there is a public workshop scheduled for October 5.

On October 23 NRCA will cosponsor a Candidate Night with RAFOM at the Belvedere at 7PM. Civic Association candidate nights are an Arlington tradition

Paul Derby asked for volunteers to ‘adopt’ the west portion of Gateway Park. Several persons volunteered.
Paul presented demographics and ratables for residents of NRCA. Fascinating table showing tremendous increase in ratables over the last 15 years. He points out that we have seen service cuts rather than improvements in that period.

Mark passed out the resolution on preserving Wilson School that the Arlington CivFed passed in 2007. He plans to ask CivFed to confirm that resolution.

The meeting closed at about 9 PM.

Mark Antell, secretary

* Secretary’s note: Both 'Realize Rosslyn' and 'WRAPS' include meetings open to the public which sometimes allow limited public comment.
Realize Rosslyn allows only those at the table to speak during meetings unless it is a "public workshop"; don't know what the WRAPS procedure will be or when the first meeting will be held.
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