March 7,2019 Community Meeting Minutes
North Rosslyn Civic Association
March 7, 2019 Community Meeting Minutes

The meeting took place at the Holiday Inn, beginning at 7:10. Board President, John Hummel welcomed the audience, spoke briefly about NRCA and the FORUM website as a source of information and introduced Board Members; Terri Prell, Sylvia Kendra, Jomathan Dromgoole, Naomi Mercer and Judy Brand who were present.

John announced the following community events:
CORE of Rosslyn will hold a very important meeting on March 13 from 4-7PM at Central Place Observatory. Community residents are strongly urged to express their opinions about road and traffic pattern changes that are being considered. Lynn St. and N.Moore St. will remain 1 way but a significant change is proposed to make Ft. Myer Drive 2 way and to remove the existing tunnel.

NRCA cooperation with the Rosslyn BID:
Inclusion in BID Blasts
BID City Social May 9 at Central Place Observation Deck-NRCA is invited to participate with a table. John asked for ideas for give-aways which will help to raise community awareness of NRCA and its goals.

Terri Prell then introduced two guest speakers; Dr. Karen Gerry, Principal of Stratford School and Casey Robinson, Principal of H-B Woodlawn School. The new school building, The Heights, scheduled to open September 2019 will house both programs in addition to an ESOL/ HILT program. Both Stratford and H-B Woodlawn are incredibly unique programs and present the neighborhood with many opportunities for involvement.
Karen Gerry described the Stratford program, which serves 50 students (“all wonderful”) from 6th grade to age 21 who have a range of intellectual disabilities, many with comorbidity with other conditions such as physical disabilities. Karen emphasized the positive value of being in an urban setting with unique possibilities for students to be involved in the business community with possible internships and later jobs.
Casey Robinson described the H-B Woodlawn program for 725 students, chosen from a County-wide lottery, as a unique program that emphasized self-governance, caring community and self-directed learning as its core values. The school also has a special partnership with Stratford in their Stratford Friends Program.
The ESOL/HILT Program serves 85 adults, ages 18 to 22. Casey highlighted both the special challenges and opportunities that students and staff will have in this unique urban setting. Both principals addressed question and concerns regarding traffic flow, bus routes, building access, lack of parking and student safety. There will be no student parking. Faculty parking will be at the Penzance facility next door and at a near-by garage. Buses will be staggered with Stratford students admitted first. 14 children require wheel chairs. Since H-B Woodlawn students will be in the community throughout the day there were concerns expressed about student safety, especially at the nearby APAH construction project. Pedestrian traffic on 18th St. is a special concern. The plan is to flatten 18th St. for access.
Both principals emphasized there will be continuing dialogue with the community to ensure mutual benefit for community and students. We are fortunate to have these students and this facility in Rosslyn.

The next guest speakers were: Laura London, Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing-Developer, Scott Shatrowsky, Kalriess Construction Management- Construction Manager, Rob Allen and Kevin Lippincott, Donohoe Construction Company-General Contractors who gave an update on the Queens Court APAH construction project. They provided handouts detailing the plan approved by the County Board on 2/20/17. Laura London reported that the project is on track with this schedule. Actual construction will start 4/1 with utility work completed by 6/7. Excavation will start 5/31 and completed by 10/30/19. It is expected that the project will be completed by 6/2020. Kevin Lippincott advised he would be on-site full time. He reported on the MOT Plan. Dump trucks and concrete deliveries would come to the site via Quinn and Wilson Blvd, without coming through Key Blvd. 18thSt is also not part of the hauling ground. No road closures are planned unless on an emergency basis for a limited time. Hours of work will be from 7AM to 9PM Weekend hours are 9AM to 9 PM, with the goal of no weekend and holiday work. Rob Allen reported that in regard to pedestrian/school children safety, there will be a strict protocols that construction vehicles will follow. Pedestrian paths are detailed on the plan. There will be no on-street parking for construction workers. Noise and traffic concerns from area residents were voiced. All the speakers promised to address these concerns. There will be future meetings with APAH to discuss volunteer opportunities for the community.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 with the next meeting expected to be in early June.
Respectfully submitted,
Judy Brand, Secretary
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