October 14, 2021 Community Meeting Minutes
NRCA Quarterly Meeting
Thursday, 14 October 2021
Zoom, 7:30 pm
1. Welcome – Tom
2. Establish Quorum
• All board members present
3. Guest: Charles Sims, Mike Ciappa and Becca Garman from APAH
• APAH representatives discussed the Marbella redevelopment.
• Marbella is a 5-campus site, of which 3 buildings will be redeveloped and two will be constructed.
• APAH is a non-profit affordable housing developer based in Arlington for over 30 years. It owns 2,062 homes with 1,400 units in pre-development.
• APAH will temporarily relocate the families living on the redevelopment sites, later giving those families first priority in moving back into the redeveloped site. APAH has done this successfully historically.
• APAH is looking to created mixed senior and family affordable housing. It will also increase environmental conservation, provide streetscape, and underground parking.
• Current Site A can be seen in the image below

• Current Site B can be seen in the image below

• Proposed Sites A and B can be seen in the image below

• The unit totals and area medium income rate can be found below

• Site A renderings can be seen in the images below

• Site B renderings can be seen in the images below

• Since this property is a mixture of senior and family, it will have additional space for seniors to use and programming both inside and outside the building.
• The outdoor spaces are intended to be green space, picnic areas, and younger and older kid-friendly playgrounds.
• APAH will get back to NRCA on the management plan for package and loading access.
• APAH is applying for financing in 2022. Construction would ideally begin in 2023 with a completion date (at least for one of the buildings) in 2025.

4. Turnberry Tower issues with equipment on roof
• Turnberry had a minor fire on its roof, leading to the needed replacement of a major piece of equipment.
• Replacement of this piece of airflow equipment will entail bringing in one of the largest cranes on the east coast, parking it on Ft. Meyer drive for approximately 7 days, and replacing the 60,000 lb piece of equipment on the roof. Ft. Meyer drive will be closed for the duration of this process.
• There is hope that there will not be any impact from this project on the forthcoming opening of the sushi restaurant in Turnberry Tower.

5. Marriott Update
• There is no update about the Marriott at the moment, besides that there will be two condo buildings on the front lawn, a redeveloped hotel, and apartments where the parking lot currently is. However, there are no updates on the progress of this development.

6. Next Membership Meeting
• The next meeting will be in early or mid-December. The intention is to have an in-person gathering, ideally at Assembly.

7. Dittmar Project Update
• There will be another crane on North Nash Street by the Dakota parking garage entrance. This will likely go up in November or December. The project is projected to reach Nash street-level by June or July of 2022.
• The biggest problem at the moment seems to be dust and dirt on the surrounding building balconies and glass

8. R-Dogs “Howl-o-ween”
• R-Dogs will be hosting a “Howl-o-ween” in the west side Gateway Park on October 22 from 3:00-7:00pm. There will be costumes and prizes.
• An outdoor movie will be playing afterwards in the east side Gateway Park.

9. Meeting Adjourned
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